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I have tried the Separate Contacts option on my ZTE Valet Android 4.1 phone. If I perform it for one contact, it applies to ALL merged contacts. I like this, but it does not seem intuitive. To separate merged contacts in Android: Open Contacts. Select a contact that is merged. Do NOT edit the contact, instead at this point click the menu option (lower ...


If you have more than one device registered with your email it should show in the google play store a dropbox (choose a device) after you click install. Something like this.


Add new google account through settings option in your phone.


You need to change your mobile number in your google settings


Easy! No Factory Reset Needed.. Go to Settings>Accounts&Sync>Then Click the google account you wanna delete(this also applies to the main account)>then press MENU soft key>then Delete Account That's it!


There isn't a way on the stock Calendar app. However you can do this by using two different Calendar apps.

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