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Your best bet is to remove the account and then reconnect to it. It however, is likely to have already synced and removed these contacts.


This may be an authentication issue with your account and connecting to the Google Play servers. Go ahead and try removing your account from the device, and re-adding it. Make sure you remember the password!


For Android 4.2+: Accounts -> Select account -> More (at the top right) -> Sync.


The Cause of the Problem The cause was that googles play store wishlist has a limit placed on it. The Limit is 100 (The info was gotten from Google Support) The Fix (Very Simple) On The Phone: Open the Play Store app. Go to the menu, My Wishlist, and tap the three-dot menu on the item. Tap "Remove from wishlist" on the menu that shows up. Or ...


Well this happened to me when I used to install apps from playstore using a slow internet connection. For this I used to get the error notification in the notification bar. I used to long press the notification, goto app info, and 'Clear data' there. This used to work for me as playstore again syncs once opened. U can try if it works but recommend you not to ...


Try this : First go to settings-> Find google play store -> Clear Cache, Now Reboot your Phone. Again go to Settings -> Account -> Add New account [If there is no active google account], Add your Gmail ID and Password - Sign In. Now go to Play Store-> It will automatically add your Gmail account, Find Whats app in Play store-> Download it, Hope that works! ...


You can install ApkTrack from F-Droid which checks periodically for updates to the installed applications. It uses multiple sources for checking if the applications have an update. Just install it, open and tap on refresh button.


Specific to newer Samsung devices, there is a full guide from RootJunky on YouTube (thanks GiantTree). Your user can probably start at step 4. Reboot into Recovery mode (hold Home, Volume Up, and Power, releasing Power when you see the device turn on/reboot). Perform a Factory Reset (press Volume Down until wipe data/factory reset is selected, press ...


No, there is not (or there shouldn't be). Factory Reset Protection uses a protected storage area that can't be wiped without special privileges or initiating a Factory Reset from Settings. If the user was able to root the device they could manually launch Settings via adb and do the reset themselves, but rooting is typically not possible when you can't ...

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