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You need to relogin as it may be a play services error. just remove your google account/accounts, reboot your phone, relogin to your account/accounts. if it still fails then look for google play services in settings > applications > google play services and do a clear data. after restarting, relogin your account/s it should work fine.


solved! I had the problem for a while, I now tried to add the contact to another google account (I have 2) - this time to the main account the phone is registered on. The contacts have yet to disappear! hope this will continue working (I know this isn't the best solution, cause what if you don't have 2 accounts?!)


Yes and no. It's not possible to use your own server, but Google does offer a hosted platform for businesses called Google Apps for Work. It gives you a Gmail interface (both the webapp and the Android app) and Google accounts in your own domain (which you can register through Google or independently), along with a private Google Drive for your domain and ...

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