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Try clearing app data and also verify you have either wifi or data connection as Chahk mentioned. Try logging into the proposed Google account in a browser on a computer to verify you have an account & the correct credentials.


Try to revoke access to that account from your phone -- or simply from Hangouts/Talk if it is listed -- through this page. When you add a new account to Hangouts, Android automatically adds it to your globally accessible accounts (Settings > Accounts). As far as I know, there is no way to activate temporary log-in sessions.


Good question, there is no gift system in google play like Steam has. This app has a free version limited to 4 simultaneous cameras and 30 secs audio, try that one. If she really needs the full vesion, you can register your pay method, but each time you CHANGE one payment method to your google's account they discount 1,5 USD from you credit card so take that ...


If the app is available from Amazon's app store you can buy the app on Amazon from a PC and then install the App on the phone from Amazon's app store app.


If the device that already has the app installed is rooted, you can pull the .apk file. This can be achieved a few different ways: using a specialized app (such as AppMonster or Titanium Backup) via adb pull if the ADB daemon runs in root-mode (it usually doesn't, but that can be achieved using adbd Insecure) src Using a file explorer and granting it root ...


There are various ways through which you could buy a premium for other users you wish You can buy some credit through the Google Play Gift Card as John has suggested although its availability is limited (i.e. If Google Play gift cards are not supported in their area then it would be waste of buying the credit). Some applications also have the "pay for ...


Another solution would be to buy some Google Play credit you enter the code you buy into your wife's play store, and you can use that balance to buy apps


A solution could be to add your Google Account to her phone, disable all syncing (Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, etc.), and then install the app from the Play store from your account. I did this with my wife's phone so that I could use some apps that I had purchased but on her phone. Google Play currently has "no data move functionality available" source so ...

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