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Go to Google's security manager page, find the phone you logged in on and click "deauthorize".


Some more info on Google backup. When I flashed a custom firmware it didn't restore the apps as I expected. In Settings -> Backup & reset it was showing "Backing up to debug-only private cache", and bmgr list sets gave no results. I solved my problem by doing these steps in adb shell: $ bmgr transport com.google.android.backup/.BackupTransportService $ ...


I was able to get around this by putting in an invalid email address on the first step (e.g. myname@mydomain.com.exchange) then clicking the button to set up the account manually. I wanted to set up an Exchange account and was able to enter my proper corporate credentials in the following steps. This seems to have worked.


As a workaround you could sideload the last Google Play Services app. You can check your version under Settings > Apps > All tab > Google Play Services. Here in the Google Play Store you will find the latest version number or alternatively here at Google with some more in-depth info. As a resource you could try and trust (hopefully) androidpolice.com and ...


Apps are generally in development phase as the testing is completed and the required feature is added or the issue is resolved. A new update of the app is released which further supports and solves many other issues To check if the app is up to date and whether a updated has recommended can be done after opening Google play and the my apps of any update is ...


If adb is detected , Try removing data/system/locksettings.db file and reboot Following are the detailed steps : adb shell su cd data/system rm locksettings.db rm locksettings.db-wal locksettings.db-shm reboot


Could you ask your ex-wife for the password? That would be the easiest way. If that doesn't work, you could start a password recovery procedure on a PC, in some cases it uses a registered Android device to verify ownership, which you have access to. Just click on the "I forgot my password" link at gmail.com. Sadly there is no way to transfer paid apps and ...


You'll have to either get back access to the Google account that was used to buy the apps or buy new copies. It's no different to if you bought software that came on a physical disk and your ex-wife took the disk.

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