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Exactly the same problem, since my phone updated to Lollipop, I can no longer see the tasks from web calendar in my phone. No problem under previous android version. Where to post this feedback to be repared?


On 23 April 2015, Google Calendar was updated with the return on Month view. See even more events at a glance with Month view on phones On top of that, the current version also displays the event name instead of square dots and lines. Note, however, that it only works on portrait mode. The landscape mode only displays in Week view.


Not sure, as an alternative: An alternative to the google calendar outlook calendar sync issue is as follows: Ensure that you export all outlook calendar into google calendar once only (ensure that you use your google calendar not the phone calendar for all appointments or change them so that they are) Use google calendar to create and update all events To ...


Why don't you just use an app for it? Try MeetingMogul, that's what I use. It fills out all the bridge info for you by picking it up from your calendar. So you can dial in by just tapping the phone icon it gives next to each conference call. It's a totally free app and doesn't charge for anything unlike other apps I've tried. Plus it gives you a lot of ...

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