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Download My Maps and then check Google Maps again.


No, google maps navigation will not work without Internet connection! You can however install a navigation app which will work without Internet. For example HERE Maps. Don't forget to download maps for the area where you want to travel.


Starting on November 10, 2015, Google Maps will roll out a new offline mode for Android allowing for driving directions and search. It's designed to fit seamlessly alongside the online version of Google Maps, allowing data connection to drop in and out without interrupting the app itself. From the Official Google Blog: Navigate and search the real world … ...


Early versions of google maps you can save offline large maps anywhere. Newer versions only allowed a smaller area to be saved and the latest verion makes the save function hard to find and you cant save some countries. Everything seems to get worse with the newer version, its all to do with money I guess. Advertising can only be seen when online. Terrible. ...


There is a way to enlarge the map that a lot of people are forgetting. You can take a screen shot and then enlarge the shot just like you can zoom in on any photo. Some people don't realize that you can do a screen shot of your phone by holding down the power and home screen button at the same time. I know it isn't a "fix" but it does show you a copy of the ...

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