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Here Maps from Nokia is what you need , you can download entire country,state,continent maps with Here Maps - Not on PlayStore http://here.com/beta/android/?lang=en-US


OsmAnd uses the collaboratively-edited OpenStreetMaps database, and doesn't need to send your information anywhere since you can choose to download the maps locally to your phone. They don't make it clear on their website, but there is a free software build, “OsmAnd~”, available from F-Droid. More generally, using CyanogenMod free from Google is discussed ...


You can drag and change the route. Simply right click on the white circle and choose "Add Desitnation". After this these white circles become movable. Now getting used to these changes takes time but one tip is if you want to choose a straighter route than a route with twists and turns then simple drag a circle on the twisty route to the straight route but ...

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