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It is definitely possible to do what you want, although it needs a couple of things done, which may or may not be viable to you. You will need to use Link2SD to link all data related to Google Maps onto your SD card (or just the data(ext) in your case should do the job). However, using Link2SD requires (1) your phone to be rooted, and (2) a second ...


As mentioned on Izzy's comment, Google Maps can read the addresses from your Google Contacts. The feature was added on April 27, 2016 (v9.25.1). From AndroidPolice, Contacts Appear in Your Places and Maps One of the biggest complaints about using Google Maps for navigation to a friend's house is that the address had to be manually saved or searched; ...


Try going into Settings / My Device / Accessibility and turning on Magnification Gestures. A triple tap on your scree will enlarge what is there including text and then another triple tap will take you back. While it is enlarged, you can scroll with one finger. That's the best I've found so far.


Google apps usually require Google Play Services and Framework. If the Google apps have a web interface, then use that in a web browser. Usually, the web interface detects that you are on Android and ask you to load the app. If your browser supports spoofing, that is if you pretend to be using IE/Firefox for desktop, then the redirection will not happen. ...

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