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Other than what @MosheKatz said in his answer another point you may have to consider is that whether your Google account is being used only on your Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. I was surprised to see my timeline jumping across countries and quickly realised that my relative who has borrowed my Nexus tablet is producing these results. Being a close relative I ...


There are many possible reasons that places could show up inaccurately in the Google Maps tracking. If your device is indoors, it will not have a good GPS signal (or possibly have no GPS signal at all) and will have to use less accurate location methods. Each of those methods has problems, some of which are discussed below. If your device is trying to ...


I recognize the issue with Google Maps, l suggest this simple trick: When you find e.g. a road-name hard to read, just TEMPORARILY stretch out the map near the name with two fingers (but do not let go! ) , then easily read the name, and finally (even if just approximately ) draw your fingers back together to see the main map again.


It's not the version, and permission to access Internet is on. I think it may have been a temporary glitch: after an hour, it was back to normal & has been ever since, so hopefully problem solved.


To get a location fix while offline, GPS (not just location) needs to be enabled. You must have either "High accuracy" or "Device only" enabled under Settings->Location->Mode. "Battery saving" does not allow use of GPS. When you are offline, the time to get a location fix is much higher than when you are online. There are two reasons for this: WiFi ...


You may have accidentally turned off the permission required by Google Maps to access internet. Applies to rooted Lollipop+ devices: go to Settings -> Privacy -> Privacy guard -> look for Google Maps and grant it the permissions you want.

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