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Unfortunately it's not possible. Straight from the horse's mouth: Offline areas that you downloaded on your phone or tablet need to be updated at least every 30 days. If your offline area expires in 15 days or less, Google Maps will try to update your area when you're connected to the Internet and plugged into a charger. (from Google Maps ...


There is a tool which allows you to do just that.


I'm not sure at what point it was added, but it is now possible to mute turn-by-turn navigation. This is not exactly ideal (I'd prefer to have the directions come out of the phone speaker and not pause Bluetooth), but it will do the job. Google provides instructions here: You can silence voice navigation by touching the mute button. Open the ...


Theirs a WebView Application that Sandboxes all of googles sites into one application called Gapps Browser but this use the website versions... Have you tried just saving bookmarks to the websites I know xposed made a module to disable the google services warning, but it wrecked snap chat on my device ! MODULE LINK ADDED MODULE LINK ...

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