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Okay ,so firstly I will help removing that Ok Google funcationality from the Home screen: 1.Go to Google Now > tap Settings > Voice > "Ok Google" Hotword detection > here you will see an option to disable Ok Google on Home Screen. Now for the search bar , if you are running SlimKat , then you are probably on one of the two custom launchers pre-installed ...


You should be able to select folder settings in the photos app. Per support.google: You can choose to automatically back up your Android's photo and video folders, including photos you've downloaded, screenshots you've taken, or photos saved by other apps. Turn setting on or off Open the Photos app > touch the menu icon/button > Settings > Auto ...


For this to work, your Nexus 5 will need the "always listening" mode. It's not supported on this handset officially, but there are community developers working on enabling this feature. As of this writing, the development is still in a (semi-)working proof of concept stage.

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