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You could probably look at App Swap drawer, launch it from Google Now gesture : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.ebt.appswitch


Try Hint2Search. I helped beta test and it works wonderfully! Simply connect your Bluetooth headset, press the button on the headset, select this app as the default to open on your phone and select always. Now just press your Bluetooth headset button and boom! Google now opens! Should work with cars as well if given the choice to select "default action" on ...


I simply added the Google Now widget to the left-most page. I also set a "swipe up" on the App Drawer button to open up the Google app, which opens to Google Now. http://www.androidguys.com/2014/02/25/tip-use-nova-launcher-access-google-now/


Here is a fairly simple solution that does not require the use of a variable. You will need to set up two additional profiles and also ensure that you name the profile you created to trigger on your shake context. To name your existing profile, if you haven't already, long press on the profile and then touch the A on the top bar to name it - let's use ...


If you've already activated the Fligth's card, then you only have to do a simple search on google. You WON'T have a card that let's you search for flights. Instead you'll have a card that remembers you of all the flights you searched. For example: if I search a flight with Emirates that goes from Milan to Dubai, then Google Now will keep track of all the ...

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