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If you have Google Drive installed on your device then you can use the 'Copy to clipboard' option within the share menu. If you scroll down past the reviews you should see a 'Share' button: After clicking this you will be shown the share menu which contains a 'Copy to clipboard' option: Clicking this will copy the URL for the app to your clipboard, ...


Go to Playstore menu → Account → Order history, you will find all details of purchases made using the linked account. Click on the apps you wish to install from there and you are done Edit: Added additional pics to depict the process, seeing that there are answers saying it cannot be done (App chosen is purchased but currently not installed)


PEGI stands for "Pan European Game Information" and is used to advise on the suitability of the app for certain age ratings. There are 5 age categories (sourced from wikipedia): 3: Suitable for ages 3 and older. May contain very mild violence in an appropriate context for younger children, but neither bad language nor frightening content is allowed. ...


Use bmgr from adb shell. See this answer for a complete explanation of backup sets. Root access is not required. shell@maguro:/ $ bmgr list sets 1234567890abcdef : droid48 34567890abcdef12 : galaxy49 ... shell@maguro:/ $ bmgr restore 1234567890abcdef Scheduling restore: droid48 done This triggered a full restore of all the previously installed ...


Yes, but not with the Play Store app, but check out the apps called My Paid Apps or Purchased Apps and there may be others but I am unaware of them, either should be exactly what you are looking for. As another user posted it can be done via the web page, but not the app on the device.


Using the account page on the web you can filter for just apps from all purchases. On an android device open the link with a browser instead of the Play Store. The Play Store app cannot filter apps from other purchases. From the web you can also install apps on any devices connected with your ...


Not really. You can however go to the Play Store, the hamburger menu, my apps and games, and then all (not installed) and you'll see all of your past app downloads. Scrolling through the list all of their prices will show up.


You cannot tell if the .apk originally came from Playstore – but you can tell whether it matches the one available at Playstore. Here's what you need: the .apk in question the .apk of the same app in the same version from Playstore openssl Unzip both .apk (each into its own directory), and compare their certificates (stored in the META-INF/ directory. ...


The APKs for Google Play Services can be found on APK Mirror, along with explanations of the build numbers and how to determine the right build to install.

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