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Well, I would say that's just another bug over the Lollipop its has been reported by many users and its the reason why Google Suspended the OTA update of Lollipop over some Asian regions. I would say you need to wait a while for the bug fix to show up ! You can head over to a post of Top Tech News for More information over this one !


On two of the phones it was enough to remove MightyText and reinstall it. On the other we had to go into Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Network Operators -> Choose Automatically.


I have the same telephone as you, I am using Gmail 5.0 and Calendar 5.0 without a problem. I would like to suggest that you should try to reinstall the ROM. The steps are as below: Download the ROM based on your model H60-LXX from emui.com, I suggest you to use Free Download Manager for faster speed. DO A BACKUP because the procedure will delete ...


No, as of November 16th, 2014, Google has not provided a method of reviewing and/or checking past crash reports. While this may be available in future references, reports are sent solely to development teams.

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