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I noticed that when you change the sms settings to 'default to use google voice number' it won't give you the option to change what number you send it from at the bottom. But there's another option in the overflow menu that wasn't there before to add contact, this works better for me.


I have found the best way to search through my SMSes is to switch app temporarily. You can go back to Hangouts afterwards. Lets hope Google realizes this is a needed feature for Hangouts.


In Google Hangouts, if I click the contact bubble (the circle on the right where their picture would be) it brings up their contact card. If you long-click the number there, there's an option to copy it to the clipboard. NOTE: you may need to add the number as a contact to view the number in the "contact card."


One way to do this would be to: Go to Settings choose Applications (or applications manager) swipe left/right to see all (installed) applications click on Hangouts then Clear all data. Note: This erases all data Hangouts had stored on your phone (just in case, you might want to do backup first).


I've had a Galaxy Note 3 for some time. Used to work great, but I haven't gotten a push notification from Hangouts since the Lollipop update. I removed my account, added it again, and checked all my settings. No luck. Looks like it may be a known issue with the Lollipop update, only on wi-fi. Here's what I found elsewhere on the web: ...

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