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Share and delete your photos from Hangouts messages and Google Voice MMS: You can delete photos that you sent through a Hangouts message or through a Google Voice multimedia message in Hangouts. You'll need to delete the photos from Picasa Web Albums. Even if you delete a photo in your Picasa album, if you sent it through a multimedia message, ...


No, there is no way to know whether a SMS is read or not. As of now it is only possible to know whether a SMS is successfully delivered to the phone or not. This delivery report is not a phone specific or app specific feature but it is provided by the operator, which is usually free. However the app should sport a feature to enable delivery notification ...


This configuration, using the system's default contacts app, is officially unsupported as of now: You won't be able to use Hangouts as the default app for calling on your Android device, like when you start calls in Google Contacts. But you can choose to use the Hangouts dialer when you touch a phone number on a website or other apps, like Google Search ...


You are probably missing the Hangouts Phone application. Simply download it on the Play Store and you will have the Hangout dialer.


It is a weird and confusing design decision in my opinion. To answer your question : No. Your full name and email address is only linked to your Google account and is only used for your Hangout chat.


Go to settings /sms/default sms account and Change it to your Gmail account


The message itself reacts to a long press, but the contact bubble on its left reacts to a single tap. Then you can long press on the phone number in the bottom field, and you can copy the phone number from there.

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