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Automation is my solution. There are plenty of automation apps, but I use MacroDroid, since it is easy to learn (that's why I use it) and the behaviour can be easily customized to get the result you want. Besides,free version allows you to create up to 5 macros and so for the task at hand, free version suffices. I prefer automation as a first choice when I ...


Would this help? Then you could say "text my wife"... Add relationships to your contacts


It seems to work fine for me. Try updating your Google app. Try enabling Google Settings > Accounts & privacy > Personal results and Contact recognition. Alternatively, you can get to Google Settings from the bottom of the Google Now app (you may have to scroll down).


Moto X users (and possibly others) can now change the phrase to anything they want with the 5.0.2 updates that was just released.


Sorry but I found out that you can not change that phrase. I tried to but in the settings there is no option, only the enable and disable. It would be great if they did that but Google is not yet so modern. Hope Google fixes that problem because it would be great. We need to wait a few more years and hopefully this problem would be changed. Sorry everyone ...

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