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After searching around, this appears to be an issue with SlimKat ROM itself. Reading this review of SlimKat or alternative link to article as their formatting is awful, the line that jumped out at me was: ....talk to by simply saying "Okay Google" (sometimes even just okay-_-) suggests this happens on the ROM. Also there is a theory that the ...


Here's how you can turn this off in most Android builds: Look for an app called "Google Settings." By default, the icon will look like this: From there, choose "Search & Now" → "Voice" → "'Ok Google' hotword detection" and turn that setting off. If that doesn't apply to your phone's OS, you'll need to provide more info. If you are running ...


Apparently you can use the training software it includes and just train it to hear something else. As in, if it says "read this: " just say whatever you like.


I also think the voice recognition is a nuisance. On my phone (running CyanogenMod) the only setting I found was "Settings", "Language & Input" -> "Voice Search" then disable "Ok Google" detection. I think it was mishearing my saying "Ok Google" when it would pick up random voice commands.

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