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It looks like there is an issue with Hangouts app that causes notifications for new conversations with a given contact to be disabled by default, with no way to override this setting. On the Conversations tab, these are denoted by a bell with a strike-through: (click for larger image) Once you open such a conversation you will see a message in red saying ...


Since Voice Privacy is a CDMA network function, and OnePlus One is a GSM phone, there is no such option to be selected. GSM technology doesn't have the same vulnerability as CDMA.


A Google Voice number forwards any calls it gets (and I believe texts) to numbers you set up. There is an option where all calls to that number can also ring in Google Hangouts. If you are travelling, you could download Hangouts on your phone and make a temporary Google Voice number forwarding calls to your home phone. When the number gets a call it will ...

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