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You have to register for Google voice number and use Google Voice number (free) with Google text application to make unlimited free text and call in U.S. I'm using this for a while for free deals and updates via text with my iPhone. But the app and workaround for iOS and Android is same. You can see more details here. Convert Your iPad or iPod as Mobile ...


I emailed Magic, and got a response that it is possible to use a regular phone number instead of the shortcode: +1 (408) 707-3077 Magic can then be used with the methods outlined in the original question (e.g. Google Hangouts/Voice, TextPlus, XFinity, etc.).


In Google Now, click the menu icon on the left of the search bar (it looks like a hamburger). Then choose Settings -> Voice -> "OK Google" Detection. (Click image to enlarge) Flip the three switches on. When you switch on the second one, the app will ask you to say "Okay Google" three times to train the voice model. Flipping the third switch on will ...


In Android, by default, you can't have access to Google Now when the phone is locked (maybe for security reasons), but there could be a lock screen widget for that. You can search for that.

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