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Google Voice needs to be able to save data such as contact details, ongoing conversations, etc., somewhere and in the case of conversations delete them later - I suspect that this is where the "modify and delete data from SD card" comes in.


This is how Google Voice works by design. Here is the relevant exert from the Help article: Each time you place a call, instead of dialing the number you want to reach, Google Voice dials a US-based direct access number. The Google Voice server then forwards your call to the actual destination number. This allows for faster call setup and the ...


You can turn sync on/off for each app individually from the main device settings. Under the accounts list, click on an account to turn sync on or off for that account. Alternatively, you can simply turn off notification sounds for all apps. Use the volume rocker to bring up the volume control, then click the settings icon to expand the volume control into ...

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