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You can hide all Skype contacts in Contacts to display settings.


From Settings, go to General:Accounts:Google: and then disable everything from being synced. As soon as this is done, the password prompt will stop popping up. After password is changed, sync can be enabled again.


You should go to McAfee settings there is an uninstall option somewhere in the settings , on pressing that McAfee will ask you if you would like to remove it from device administrators , continue with the uninstallation from there. And , for your immediate issue , I think your device has got a serious virus/malware or may even have been hacked , which is ...


It's because Apple has to look only over its iPhone models, which are less in number. Also iOS is more efficient (runs well on old hardware). And Google also had claimed that KitKat will support low-on hardware devices well, and it does. But the problem with Galaxy Nexus is that Texas Instruments, its SoC manufacturer has discontinued SoCs and probably ...

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