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0 Install AppLock, I've tested. It allows blocking remote installs. Remember to tick disable the application. I'm not sure if it requires enabling "advanced protection" as well

0 Is part of the Google Services framework and one of the main components of any GApps package. It is basically the account manager for all things needing a login with Google credentials. If you disable or remove this app you will no longer have access to the Play Store nor any other app/service requiring those credentials.


Fixed, thanks to XDA thread-Default launcher resets every time i use the google now pointed out beeshyams. As recommended in that thread, I installed an app called Launcher Switcher and I found one app acting like launcher (in addition to Nova and default launcher), in my case that was "MMITest", I just removed that app with System app remover (ROOT)


This is not a complete answer but answers some of the points: How do I really disable the updates? Like, for real, no exceptions? You can use my answer or Craig's answer for that. No exceptions, but requires root access. The solution is to detach Google Chrome from Play Store's device specific database stored in the device itself. It is always ...


That Google Chrome update is horrendous! It's being forced outside of Play Store, but there is a way to disable it. It's pretty ugly, but here's how I stopped it, while keeping Play Services (Gmail, Maps, etc): Go into Application Manager, scroll over to the "All" tab, and find "Download manager". Once you disable that, there will be NO updates from ...


Go to Settings → Keyboard → Google keyboard → Appearance.


Assuming your device has the correct band and frequency support for your carriers 3G/4G data service, On the Zenfone 2, only SIM 1 allows data connection, and you must have the APN information set correctly, which sometimes needs to be done manually . Contact your carrier for the correct APN settings.

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