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First be aware that you're transferring data over a wide area wireless device (the range of 3G is much wider than Wifi), therefore it is easier for an attacker to snoop on whatever your device is transmitting on 3G than on Wifi. The 3G/GPRS only has a lightweight encryption (to limit unnecessary use of CPU power and battery, which is already scarce in mobile ...


This sounds like something that you need to make sure your operator has enabled on your contract, normally with smartphones a data plan is a data plan, once you've got one they give you a (monthly/weekly/daily) bandwidth limit which you can use either on 3G or GPRS, the operator doesn't care which you use. It sounds like you don't want to pay for a monthly ...


OK, so it's quite obvious that your phone is receiving 3G service (likely EDGE/UMTS), not just the 2G GPRS service. GPRS is simply not capable of the speeds you're getting. Since you've called the carrier and had them check, it's their problem. I would say just go with it and enjoy the free service. Don't let them charge you for it if they figure it out ...


Widgetsoid will allow a user to create a bar of toggles - add the MOBILE DATA toggle in the network section. Then tapping that will toggle the data connection. Of course - a search turned up many other dedicated options. Try and use whichever you like best.


It's almost certainly a software issue, I have read forum posts saying that the call gets dropped when apps/accounts try to sync over the data connection. As a temporary solution you can turn off account sync/background data. Hopefully it will be fixed in 2.2.


If she does not use GPRS, then best is to disable mobile data usage But if you do not want to completely disable GPRS, then here is an article which shows how can you limit mobile data usage. disable or limit mobile data usage here are couple of apps to monitor and control you mobile data usage control mobile data app


There are a number of sip clients available such as Sipdroid, CSipSimple, and Linphone. Sipdroid includes an option to create a account linked to your Google Voice account, allowing you to make and receive calls to and from PSTN numbers for free, assuming you are in the US. (After the account is created, any sip client can be used with the pbxes....

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