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If your device is rooted and you're using the XPosed framework, the Deny Location Consent might be what you're looking for: Disable the annoying "Improve location accuracy?" dialog and always disagree.


As there's no on-board feature covering your needs, I'd recommend taking a look at Glympse. With this app you can decide when to start or stop sharing your location, you could even set a timeout. Only you would need to have the app installed, and those you've shared your location to can watch it on any web-enabled device: Glympse is a fast, free, and ...


Why don't you try using GPS tracking Apps, there are quite a few available in google play store. - GPS Phone Tracker etc., So that way they can track your location and check if you reached the destination and once you reach the destination they can give you a call or vice-versa to check on you. Yes, GPS plays an important part in this task to pinpoint your ...

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