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Try updating google maps. This is what worked for me (after none of the other stuff mentioned worked.)


If you go to the location settings on your device you have the options of: Off High Accuracy Power Saving GPS Only Where Off and GPS only are obvious, Power Saving uses Wi-Fi & Mobile networks only and High Accuracy uses both GPS and WiFi/Network information. (I am running 4.4.2 on my Galaxy Note 3). The reasons for the multiplicity of choices are ...


I can't tell you if it's a good idea or not, that really depends on the type of user you are, but what I can tell is the following: That feature's main goal is to improve some of Google's services, which means, you may get location based ads, and if you have Google Now, location based cards, among others. Besides, many apps use Google to retrieve your ...


Buy this from Amazon: Powergen White 2.4-Amp (12 Watt) Dual Usb Wall Charger W/Sviwal Plug Designed For Apple And Android Devices Plug this in to a power inverter and you can use your phone to its full potential. 100% brightness. Gps, YouTube, Pandora, surfing, etc. You won't ever run out of power. My only issue is sometimes i have a bad Android cable. ...


Buy a power inverter for your car and a 10Watt 2amp charger with dual usb ports and plug your charger as you would at home. That is what works for me. I can use pandora and Google maps or waze at the same time while surfing the Web at times. It makes no difference.

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