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Assuming you are using the default Samsung TouchWiz launcher: Open the App Drawer (Applications) Press Menu, select View Type -> Customizable Grid Press Menu, choose Edit Drag off the Messaging icon, and drag on Handcent. I've replaced it with Gmail, myself.


I believe you will find it in Settings > Notification Settings > then make sure Enable Popup is not selected. (I just tested disabling Popup messages - it works. Phone vibrates with new message, screen stays off.) Alternatively, you can keep Popup enabled, select Popup Settings > then make sure Screen on for popup is not selected. This should allow the ...


The clearest answer I've seen is here: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-applications/8328-how-guide-disable-double-notifications-when-using-handcent-sms.html Quoting: Open the "messaging" from the app drawer Push the "menu" button(the 2nd button from left on the bottom of your Droid Click SETTINGS Scroll down and UNCHECK "Notifications" To futher ...


I can only comment on GoSMS which, while being a great app, has a few obvious issues. Texting via GoChat is, at best, unreliable. With both parties connected to hi-speed broadband, texts take their own sweet time to deliver. These texts shouldn't expire but they do. Given a certain amount of time, texts stay undelivered. If you have root access and are ...


This isn't the cleanest solution, but it's an option: If you set up your google voice number so SMS messages are forwarded to your phone, every time somebody texts you, you will receive that text from a 406 area code phone number. If you send a message back to that number, it will reach your that person, and appear to them as if it came from your google ...


You can use Handcent app as the default ringtone picker. To set Handcent as default ringtone picker, go to Settings | Applications | Manage Applications | All | Android System (Sound picker for SE phones) Click 'Clear Defaults' button. After this, When you are choosing a ringtone, You will be presented with a dialog box asking you to select one ...


One way to do this would be rooting the device, to obtain the "Mms.apk", and manually reverse-engineering it (using tools like apktool), and finding the overlay that's showing the text edit area's size (and the step that naturally follows, increasing it :) )


Although no one writes about this, the downsize of installing one of those apps is the fact of consuming more resources than the built in app. Cons: More disk space used More RAM used But the increase is so irrelevant that it doesn't even count as a downsize by most reviewers.


One workaround would be to temporarily install another app that has a ringtone picker in order to show the ringtone picker selection screen, select Handcent, and remove the temporary app. For example, you can try Zedge.

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