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You should be fine (95%). Its nothing more than electricity. Just make sure to steal it up really well when done modifying your phone.


Just download Soundabout app from Play Store. It will force the media to use Earphones and then delete the app. I was facing the same issue and then I tried this. Perfectly worked!!!


Yes. Go the Google Play and download this app. If it isn't exactly what you are needing, get back to me and I'll find something more appropriate for your needs. Is your phone rooted? That helps a lot when you are wanting to customize your device. You can find plenty of info at Here is your link to the app. If you need any thing else, just ...


I simply googled "what chipset is in galaxy j100" (my phone) done some reading and got answer..... fyi this one has chipset by marvell... And yours, the LG has a Qualcomm msm 7227

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