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something must have happened to your phone's motherboard. Better get it to the service center instead of browsing through the internet for a solution. You cant do anything about it.


It's nice to have a phone rooted (Geeksphone and maybe others do this by default?), you can use firewall apps and Titanium backup, and other system apps. Superuser lets you restrict what apps can be root.


I'd like to add a fun alternative: use some Sugru. It's a flexible silicone rubber which can stick to just about anything and is simply moulded by hand. It air cures to a tough durable rubber. This is a UK invention (I'm sure they now have it in the US), so might be an alternative for us over here. www.sugru.com


The water evaporating has left now undissolved mineral ions on your phone (ions conduct electricity).Now electricity doesn't go as designed.Also heat cycles will possibly change chemical and physical structure of your hardware.The more you use it the more likely something will get worse Instead of drying to get rid of water and leave the ions on your phone ...

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