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My phone is Gt-i8262.........wich hear is not working of vibration. how to start vibration this phone.


If you can prepare the phone before removing the screen with Tasker (or similar tool) and plugins like Autoinput and test it well, I think you can obtain the results you are looking for. Run and install android from USB it is going to be (if possible) a very tricky mess. Nonetheless, if you are able to put the phone in download mode you could be able to ...


Yes, USB OTG is actually both - hardware and software(OS) dependent. For example the motorola moto defy came with froyo 2.2 and eclair 2.1. And hence no support for OTG. But after rooting and loading ported Kitkat 4.4 ROM it supports OTG without any hiccups.


Your Android version is not latest, it's old, only Marshmallows Android 6.0 support 4k video resolution.


TL;DR If you sign in to the device after the reset with the Google account which had been used for the backup (the primary Google account usually), the contacts which had been backed up will get restored. Longer version with source: I'll keep this short and to the point, as most of it has already been discussed here in @RyanConrad's answer, a relevant ...


You can find the frequency of a device (as long as it was sold in the USA) by searching the devices FCC ID. This is a unique identifier used for authorizing the device to transmit at licensed frequencies. The Padfone X has two FCC IDs, so you will have to figure out which one applies (try checking under the battery cover): MSQT00S, MSQT00D

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