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Samsung has two types of MHL cable: an 11-pin one for their more recent phones, and a 5-pin one for their older phones. The 5-pin one is standard and will work on non-Samsung phones. The 11-pin one only works on newer Samsung phones. Third-party manufacturers tend to also sell both kinds, so look at which phones the cable says it is for. If it says it's for ...


Be careful - I've tried this this week and was unsuccessful. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3/4/Note etc mhl cable thinking they were all the same and the micro USB is longer than normal. It wouldn't fit in my Nexus 7 or my HTC One X.


Generally its better to get one that matches the brand. However it is the same technology so it MAY work. Ask about the return policy to make sure you can return it in case it doesn't work. You should be fine, though I cant say with 100% certainty.

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