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I think the OP has already bought a converter and is enjoying the MH1, but in case someone else stumbles upon this, I have Xperia Z2 and an old MH1. I use a Sony Ericsson EC250 adapter and everything on the MH1, including the mic and all four buttons are working fine. The converter is basically a CTIA to OMTP converter for old phones, but those converters ...


if your Bluetooth Headphone Paired with Device, you can find Mac Address with this Apps : Bluetooth Finder or Bluetooth Address Finder


If the headphones were working previously on the phone and now they just suddenly stopped working, then it's likely that the phone's audio hardware has malfunctioned. Alternatively, there is also a small possibility that some drivers have been updated on your phone to detect Apple headphones and not allow them to be used. (This is a conspiracy theory, but ...

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