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Use the adapter that allow to connect wired headset. The smartphone switchs automatically to the wired headphone if inserted.


Sure you can, there's a product that uses the audio port as an extra button, check this: http://gizmodo.com/add-a-button-to-any-android-phone-with-this-genius-head-1221431712 Maybe this is more like a comment than an answer, but actually i can't add comments untill i reach 50 points. By the way, as microphone it's an analog input for the android, you can ...


I've never tried but I strongly doubt it, for reasons that are nothing to do with Android itself. Each manufacturer has their own variant of the headset connector on their phones, but they're all compatible with standard stereo headphones. This implies that the tip and the first ring are outputs (the left and right channel), not inputs. In contrast, digital ...

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