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For me, tapping Menu → Show more icons / Show less icons (this should be "Show fewer icons", but w/e) does the trick usually.


I had the same problem and I solve it by simply moving the application (that lost its icon) from the SD Card to the main memory.


On most devices shipping with ICS and up, you can simply open the notification area, and tap the corresponding quick-setting: Quick settings in the notification bar (click image for larger variant) Make your pick. Hint: A2 :) PS: Not sure how far this is customizable on which Android version. Even items available might depend on the device used. So I'm ...


You can add widgets to your home screen if your phone supports. You can also try widgets from play store like 2g-3g switch Data on or off


When I wanted to do this, I found the available apps sorely lacking, so I wrote a home screen widget which can do this. The image can be a static one, or you can refresh it from the Internet periodically (e.g. from an RSS feed). You can set it to open a website when clicked, or launch an app of your choice (amongst other things). The app is called Showr, ...


Bookmark the page in the browser, then exit the browser. There's an app called 'icon changer free' that can be used to change icons for apps and shortcuts. Use it to create a new Bookmark shortcut within that app, and change the icon to the one you want to use. It also offers a small selection of basic image editing tools, but it'd be better if you had the ...


So I have found a great solution. Using a micro SD-Card with 2 partitions. One normal fat32 and second ext2 so the app link2sd can use it as a fake mobile memory on the second ext2 partition. Now all the Jelly Bean internal apps run on the mobile itself and all the other apps I have installed on the second sd-card partition. Have more apps than ever and ...

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