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Restart your mobile and problem will be solved :)


You can't with the stock launcher, but in Nova Launcher you can multi-select apps in the Add to Home screen list and add them all at once to either the home screen or a folder. I've also read that LG Lucid's default launcher has a customization that adds this feature. There may be other launchers that can do it, but those are the only ones I know of.


I think it is not possible without third party apps. At least not on stock android. But you could check out SecureSettings. It provides access to a lot of settings. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.intangibleobject.securesettings.plugin


You can use SwipeUp Utility to change the behaviour of the search action (swiping the home button) to launch a different app or shortcut. I've contributed to this app (I helped the author fix a bug) but I've no financial interest in it.


This is downloaded by "Software Update" App Version 09.05. Force stop it and disable for time being.


Try to freeze the ota updater apps using TB or any third party app that can freeze apps. This works on my co-group member in our facebook group.


try this: cut off any connection by activating Airplane mode. if you have wechat installed on your android then uninstall it first. after that remove all the brandon's url u have. restart your phone and wait...see it if IT appear again. IF not appear then restore your connection/OFF your airplane mode.

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