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Your situation is due to the Auto add widget due to which when ever you install an app it wall automatically add an widget on your home screen thereby increasing the home screen count also. I will first solve your home screen problem and below I will also give a screen shot where the problem can be solved for the future also. The below steps is easy to ...


Well, I seriously don't know if that works with Android 2.3.4 or not but the method I am going to stat works with Jelly bean 4.2.2. Instead of removing the application over the home screen try directly deleting the whole home screen. Instead of dragging the icon try deleting the whole home screen. See if that works out for your or not ??


I had exactly the same experience with YGPS. QuickShortcut Maker is an app that allows you to create a shortcut to an application from the list of activities which are installed on your phone. This works with YGPS and YGPS works when launched this way.


You can use any launcher (eg. Nova Launcher). When you add the shortcut to the home screen, press and hold on the shortcut icon, tap Edit. After this, it will open a dialog box to edit the caption along with the icon. Tap on the icon and select the required one from your phone.


For me, tapping Menu → Show more icons / Show less icons (this should be "Show fewer icons", but w/e) does the trick usually.


I had the same problem and I solve it by simply moving the application (that lost its icon) from the SD Card to the main memory.

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