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Old question, but this answer is relevant for other Android versions. I suffer from the similar problem in my Android 4.2.1 where all apps would follow auto-rotation except the home screen (default Launcher app). I found a solution mentioned here and here. The device needs to be rooted and Xposed Framework installed. App Settings is the app that did the ...


Is there a way to create an icon on the home screen that will launch one of these scripts? There is another way (other than this one) if you happen to use Terminal Emulator for Android app. It allows a widget which can be used to execute a script. Install that app, choose Term Shortcut widget in your current launcher. Corresponding to Arguments ...


If the script isn't dependent on Terminal IDE but on shell only, then you can use Tasker to create a home screen shortcut which would execute the script. Brief instructions: Choose Task Shortcut widget in your current launcher. Create a task name and tap +→ Code → Run Shell. Enter the details there as per your need. Save the task, choose the ...


I am using Lollipop, so to add a new blank homescreen I needed to hold and drag a program icon to the far right.. a new homescreen automatically appears.


Switch off auto sync, things will improve immediately.


Apparently if you set an image as wallpaper and if you have to crop it to fit as wallpaper then it gets saved as JPG as a result of image processing. Please try this once...Find out the target devices' resolution and then create a wallpaper in the exact dimension. This way you just set a wallpaper without any image processing. But interestingly, the ...

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