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For Xiaomi MI-4, to remove additional blank home screens, put three fingers in blank home screen. And swipe slowly to left and right. This will bring all the home sceen in one sceen with option to delete It and add as well. I did the same way and deleted 5 blank home screens. thanks.


Izzy opined it correctly here that the only sensible place for having factory home screen layout is the launcher's APK itself. Since I don't own a Lenovo device let alone your specific model I used my MTK device running stock 4.2.1 as the testing ground. It has stock launcher (com.android.launcher). About that thing called factory home screen layout -- ...


Unfortunately no, there's no way to migrate this between devices unless you're using the Google Now Launcher on the old phone, and the new phone ships with it as its default. It's designed to migrate layout, but the stock launcher that Motorola uses doesn't have this functionality.


I don't know if there is an automated way. So I take an screenshot of my old device and manually organize the new following pictures.

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