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They may be javascript links that Dolphin will execute, but will not provide context menu for as links. Also we are on 11.2.3 now so if there was a problem with normal links in 10.2.3 it may have been resolved. Here is a page, 001 Tab Capacity Test, that has normal links such as underscored "04" and some JavaScript links in shaded boxes, such as "loc:" ...


You can download a ROM from TechTuple, copy it to your HTC Desire A8181, and flash it via CWM recovery.


You can install the Xposed framework on a rooted device. There are numerous modules that will enable softkeys on the device. Have a search in Xposed in the "Downloads" section for "softkeys". One example is here and it has the Android L style soft keys. In case the article goes down here's the XDA thread with the apk

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