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This looks like what you want. Basically, any ROM that says it's a "GPe" rom or a "Google Play edition" rom will be what you're after. To get the Google Apps you'll need to flash a GApps package such as the ParanoidAndroid ones - you can just choose the "stock" package. Flash those after flashing the ROM and you'll have a pre-rooted, dev version ROM.


Linux is absolutely the best way to do this sort of things. This is a thread on xda about how to set the development environment on Linux Ubuntu in particular http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2302780 Follow these steps and you'll have fastboot command set up to do the unlocking process. Plus you won't need any driver to let the system ...


My mistake for the previous answer . As you have a VPN defined you are probably facing difficulty accessing the network as you need to unlock the screen every time you access so I suggest you download this app. In this app it will remove the requirement for any pattern lock to access the network thereby relieving you of the problem which you face . Else ...

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