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NFC payment support is still pretty hit and miss in the UK. "Cash on Tap" and "Quick Tap" seem to be just pre-pay NFC cards you can load into your phones NFC chip, and not many phones are supported (your HTC One X is not). If you have a BarclayCard, you can get a "Barclaycard PayTag NFC" sticker for your phone which seems like a better solution since it ...


A more generic answer, not specific to the UK alone: As Ross pointed out, there is not "one specific app to rule them all". That payment stuff is very much vendor-specific – whith "vendor" meaning the company dealing with the payments. Unless several shops/companies join up for a "standard", it might very well be you'd need a separate app for each shop ...


Like you said - it may be a problem with the H/W itself because if its a S/W problem it should've been rectified after hard reset (in most of the cases). If the device is on warranty I'd suggest taking it to a service centre ASAP :)


like you, me too got fed up with all these text to speech apps available and features. I just want TTS to read a blogpost on google chrome....but cant help.All these apps are of no use for screen reading or webpage reading Since almost all thegood ebook reader have this feature and google text to speech is of no added advantage. In my iphone3gs I could do ...


Actually if you slide to the right you get the next email. Similarly if u slide to the left u go to the previous one

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