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You can copy all your SIM contacts to HTC Wildfire S. Import them as phone contacts, Google contacts, or Exchange ActiveSync contacts, if you have set up the relevant accounts. From the Home screen, tap > People. On the All tab, press , and then tap Import/Export > Import from SIM card. If you have Google or Exchange ActiveSync accounts set up on HTC ...


Try installing a new launcher app (it really doesn't matter if you want it or not, you'll only need it for a few seconds) from the Play Store. Once it's installed, press the home button and Android should prompt you to choose a home app. Choose the one you want, select "Always", and then you can uninstall the launcher app you just installed.


I have a HTC Desire and in my case non of the other answers worked. But I solved it in his way. Do not go into the camera app settings. Go into the general phone settings. The path is then... Settings/Storage Here I was able to define the default writing media from internal to SDcard. This includes also the camera app. Now my pictures can be saved either ...


I did a reset from "backup and reset" menu in settings. And this got the Digital Clock back.

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