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SOLVED: OK I couldn't get this update either tried moving as much as I could to the SD card had over 16GB free still wouldn't work till I wiped the cache. Here are the steps to wipe the cache 1) Hold power button 2) Press restart 3) As soon as you see the HTC logo, hold the down volume button 4) If done correctly you should be met with a white screen, from ...


I suggest you to Keep all the needed icons on home pages, so that you can horizontally swipe to launch the application you need and no need of opening Applications menu every time.


There is two way to enter bootloader mode. 1) Use adb to reboot into bootloader. First boot normally, and enable adb in developer option. Then, ensure you install phone drivers on your PC. After that, the batch you used should work. 2) Manually boot into bootloader. Power off your phone, and connect it to your PC. Then, press power and volume up for a few ...


If you use a third party launcher you can use gestures for certain functions. For instance, using Nova Launcher Prime, when I swiped down anywhere on my home screen it would bring down my notifications. So that could solve that issue for you. There should be other free alternatives that perform the same function👍🏼 To answer your last question, a screen ...

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