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This is what you're looking for Just make sure you have another video on the device (can be very short or long, any video from the same phone)


The simplest way to turn off broadcast messages on your HTC phone is - Remove sim card from HTC phone and insert the SIM to some other mobile (Samsung/Nokia) go to settings and turn off Cell broadcast messages, now remove the SIM card from your Samsung or Nokia phone and re-insert it in HTC phone. You should not get the CB messages anymore.


I had faced same issue with my micromax mobile. Issue in my case was only 890 mb was available for installing apps. Even though there was around 4.5 Gb free space in phone memory. Your issue seems to be same as mine. What you have to do is to reparation the phone memory so as to allocate more space for installing the apps. Downside is whatever memory ...


I had the same promblem. A solution which worked for me was an app "MP4Fix", which you can get in google play for free. It repaired my video in a few sec and placed it in different folder (it kept corrupted video in the same place and also created new repaired one). I know this info might be too late for you but it might help some others.

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