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The media scanner scans everything on your S.D. card. Adding a .nomedia to any of the subdirectories will allow the media scanner to skip everything in that sub-tree. Your S.D. card will be F.A.T.-formatted so there are no permission restrictions. If you are receiving access denied on the S.D. card then it may be locked read-only due to damage to the card, ...


I guess there's no other way than opening the case and manually shorting out power button pins for 1 - 2 secs. It's not that hard, I've done that with my HTC Desire before. :) Just google for "disassemble HTC One Mini" Just one tip: If the case refuses to open, do not try too hard, maybe you're just doing it wrong, think first, then do, it should open ...


It could be those gestures .Try enabling the gestures on settings>Display & Gestures >Motion launch gesture >Enable it.


I don't know about this but I can provide alternative solution for stay awake... Stay Awake - Play Store Try this... And if not working you may find other similar apps on store... :-)

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