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Download Titanium Backup, it can backup and restore all your apps, whatsapp included. If you want you can also install a custom recovery like twrp to backup the entire device memory and firmware


You may want to find the "screen filter" app in the play store. I use it primarily for keeping my screen dark at night for reading, bit it may be a suitable temporary solution in your situation.


When your phone is "rooted", applications can be installed (intentionally or otherwise) that can do almost anything on your phone, including breaching the Android application sandbox. Thus, by rooting your phone, you are removing a critical layer of the multi-layered security system. This can be mitigated, to a degree, by restricting root privileges to ...


You can't apply an OTA update to a rooted phone. You need to download a complete stock ROM and flash it from your PC.


The compression is actually performed by your carrier. Almost all mobile network carriers compress images to reduce bandwidth use on slow mobile connections. You can avoid the compression by switching to a Wi-Fi network, or using an HTTPS connection to the website you want: since HTTPS is secured from interception, the carrier can't replace the pictures ...

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