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I rooted the phone and installed MoreLocale 2, and gave it root permission from SuperSu. If you want another method, you could try this.


If you are rooted and modified system files you cannot upgrade through official OTA anymore. You can always flash a custom ROM though


Back in the day, some of the phones would do one of two things if you entered the wrong pin/password too many times, It would either factory reset the phone or it would ask you to login with your google account. So lets hope for the second option. So if your sister remembers her login info, it would be worth a shot at the very least.


The trick is to install the firmware-only RUUs rather than the full RUUs. While the full RUUs are tampered with and therefore won't pass signature checks on non-S-OFF devices, the firmware RUUs provided on http://www.graffixnyc.com/m8.php are authentic, and will install on S-ON devices. Make sure you update in stages: Install firmware 3.11.1700.5 (for ...

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