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The only way is to stop using google all together.


first Step : When you open the Gallery, you should see three soft keys at the Button, Share, Delete and More. Click Share and you should get a pop-up menu. Select your method of sharing. Now, you should see little check boxes in the upper right hand corner of each pic. Check whichever pics you want to send. Deleting multiple pics works the same way, ...


Tasker does not support HTML response like when photo is uploaded, that's why you can't use it. But App called FolderSync - (paid version) to pack up my photos to cloud. You can set automatic delete of the local files, after transferring them. But with this you can't use Google+ 's automatic upload.


Factory reset does NOT erase any user data. It just erases system/data/data folder and cache. This is the reason why sometimes problems doesn't get fix after all: Because is not so low level as we'd like.


Tasker or Macrodroid are good at repetitive tasks in general. Photo Editor is a well-respected photo-specific option for batch edits.

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