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Had the same issue. TuneIn radio is indeed the culprit. In order to get rid of it do the following: 1) Launch TuneIn 2) Play any channel 3) Lock your screen 4) Unlock your screen 5) Launch TuneIn 6) Stop play back of channel. Done!


all right, i got exact same issue as you described. i was listening the TunelIn Radio then i got the cover of the radio show on the screen lock background. i did the following to get rid of the cover photo: open any app (not build in by Google) on your device, lock the screen before the app is full running, then unlock , the lock screen background should ...


Had the same bug. Restarting Spotify, locking the phone and unlocking cleared the wallpaper.


Last but not least, the Lollipop lock screen shows full-screen still images from multimedia content being played from the device -- so you might see a graphic from a TV show or cover art from an album, depending on what you're streaming. In my experience, however, the images don't seem to clear properly when the content is no longer being ...


The major problem with running Android virtual devices (AVDs) is that they are usually very slow, even on fast hardware. For this reason, consider using the HAXM accelerator which will work with a x86 image https://software.intel.com/en-us/android/articles/intel-hardware-accelerated-execution-manager You can still keep an ARM-based emulator for when you ...


The factory image is just the ROM that's on the phone when it leaves the factory. It sounds like you might be thinking about different kinds of ROMs. When you download a stock ROM from the phone's manufacturer (or elsewhere), it usually includes the image for the system partition and one for the stock recovery. In contrast, when you download a custom ROM, ...


This article made me understand the difference http://www.howtogeek.com/193055/what-is-a-custom-recovery-on-android-and-why-would-i-want-one/ They are the same concept except that that custom recovery allows certain things like introducing custom ROM. Flashboot is the built-in recovery environment of Android which is limited and definitely does not allow ...

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