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No. Contacts' pictures are kept separately from the original photos you added them from. They're stored with the contacts database, not with the photos on the SD card. Deleting photos from the Gallery app or wiping the SD card won't affect them.


I found an easy solution to the problem. In Gmail App send an email to yourself. Open it. Tap on your avatar. It'll take you to your contacts. Tap on your avatar again. Select the 'upload image' option. Select the picture you wish to use. It'll take you to the edit image section. Once you finished cropping/adjusting your image tap on Save/done. ...


I've never heard of this. However, you may be able to set it up if you have a couple of different home screen launchers installed. Some lockscreens let you open a specific app depending on where you drag the unlock icon. You could set it up to open one of your launchers depending on which side it gets dragged to. Then, just set the background for each ...

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