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It's an Email setting, not a gallery setting. You need to go to Settings → Applications → Manage applications → All → Email Then hit "Clear data" to remove your settings. You will have to reset up your email.


It contains 96x96 pixel versions of your photos. The file is simply a concatenation of JPEG files. You can split it into individual JPG files by searching for the signatures indicating the start and end of a JPG file, i.e. the two bytes FF D8 for the start and FF D9 as the end. If you can transfer the file to your computer and you can access Python, the ...


If you are familiar with the android development tools, you can connect it to a PC and use adb shell screencap -p /your/path/screenshot.png to take a screenshot and store it on the device. If needed, it can be transmitted to your PC using adb pull /source/path/on/device/screenshot.png /target/path/on/PC/screenshot.png. But if you want to keep it simple, ...

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