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Apk and zip files are essentially the same, compressed. Before the system can use the file it needs to decompressed. So the file is one size when downloaded and another size when installed. Also note sometimes when apk's are installed, after being opened some data may need to be downloaded. So file size file will increase again. Differences in size are ...


A signed apk is a zip aligned file. You can get the apk file on your computer, rename it to zip and try a zip file manager to extract content. If the programmer chose to use encryption algorithms for resources and embedded decryption inside application code, even you are good on reverse decompile, you can get "era" or bigger time to decrypt this or you may ...


well let the update download. After downloading you have manually install it so don't install. This way you can prevent the lollipop update and stay on kitkat.


The Google play store, and other app stores, only list the main application (APK) size, not the total app size, which includes the OBB (Opaque Binary Blob) expansion files. OBBs are the extra files that an app downloads to run. There should be no difference in file size before the extra files are downloaded. From the Play Store Developers section: The ...


Because Play Store shows download size, and download file (probably apk) is compressed. When you install app, apk is decompressed and larger.

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