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This actually worked for me and my phone is ZTE N9130 . I went to Google play and stopped the Sync updates. Then proceeded to downloading Apps on Google Play. Also I made sure that I had on the Data and GPS button on. Everything continued to download in a matter of time. Yay!


Indeed there is something to make your task easier – though not in the way of "remote control all of them at once", but working sequentially. Here's a "simple approach": Prepare your first device (let's call it "master" here): install all the apps you want to have it, set them up if needed. Create a full ADB backup of the "master" (for details, please see ...


In Cyanogenmod ROMs there is no Radio app that comes with system. When Stock Radio App was created there was no Android Lollipop, latest was JellyBean 4.1.2. Things and workflow in Lollipop was changed, so JellyBean Radio App is not compatible with Android 5.1.2. Without code change and debug-able version, you can't make it work, because you can't see ...


Devices reserve storage space in order to work. My tablet has 500Mb spare, but it won't let me install below 350Mb to keep it working properly.

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