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You can also do one thing...rather then again installing the apps on the New tablet...install ES File Explorer on your old tablet...goto App Manager and tale backup of all apps..and then send that folder to new device..and without any internet connection..Install all the .apk (application) files your want..!!


Yes, there is, both from the device, or using Google Play on a 'regular computer'. Using your mobile device Open the Google Play Store app Touch the Play Store icon and select My Apps. Visit the All category. Select an app you’d like to install, then touch the Install button on the app’s detail page. Using your computer Visit your ...


Its actually ok to install Gapps, or any other zip packages (if they're meant to be flashed), after Cyanogenmod has been installed. You'd use the Install zip from sdcard option while in Recovery mode (presumably ClockworkMod, if you followed CM's install guide) to flash the Gapps zip file. Then reboot your device and after that you'll notice that it will ...


Google Play won't let you do this. You can only have a few devices attached to each account at a time. This is to stop people abusing the facility of using paid content from any device on their account. If the app is an open-source one, or it's under your control, you should distribute it to all your devices through a different mechanism (e.g. a custom app ...


www.mobogenie.com provides a Windows based tool called MoboGenie that uses your computer's network traffic to install and update apps in your android phone. You need to connect your phone with the computer, and have a high speed internet connection


Yes it is possible to install apps from pc for your mobile device, even if you don't have a net access. First open Google Play on your pc through your GMail account connected with your device. Then open APK downloader and download the APK extension for your web browser. In the Google Play Store click on the app you want to install in your mobile and then ...


you can backup your apps using avg antivirus and it will store the backup apps in droidbackupdir in sd card


Everything you've bought or installed from the Play Store is listed under your account. A lot of the time apps that have been withdrawn from the Store are still visible to people who've used them before in this list: https://play.google.com/apps If you look down that list then you should be able to see the apps that you've installed before and push them to ...

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