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Unless you're from Google, you can't, and for good reasons why Google prohibits it. I assume you want to do this for better user-experience, in which they can conveniently install what they need with their consent. However, let's put aside that idea and think another possibility: a seemingly-safe app can install rogue apps from Play Store automatically ...


As you are looking something for your Parents needs, take a look at this app. This is a launcher which will change the way to use an android phone for elders.


To Implement this feature you need to set the device management policies Also you have to install the Google app for it from the link : Google Apps Device Policy Set device management policies All Google Apps domains have settings for mobile devices that you can apply to groups of users. There is a full list of settings in the Google Apps Administrator ...


Try a custom recovery tool. Google  Huawei Y560-L01 (Firmware build Y560-L01V100R001C577B043 toolkit. If that doesn't work, go to the official huawei website and use a flash recovery (this will erase the phone)


I have the same phone & same SD card setup. David Coleman has good advice, but here are some additional points. Many apps will not even show the word "Change." That means they cannot be moved to the SD card. Keep looking for ones that do have that word showing. At least on my phone, every time I tapped on "Change" it came back with an error message. ...

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