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Whether my chat history is got deleted, if I delete these files?. Is this files are important? These are important files and If you delete these then your backups are gone. These files are the Local backups of your WhatsApp and this local backup is run automatically every day at 2 AM and save your database in a file on the phone itself. Your ...


You haven't really asked a question but seems like you want a way to free up space on your phone. If you have lots of photos: I would download Google Photos. It can backup all of your photos on your device as long as you select the folders which you have folders in so you can go ahead and delete them off of your device. A benefit of this solution is you ...


Okay, this is related to App Install Location and behavior in question controlled by application manifest, specifically, by android:installLocation attribute (NB: by default system assumes internalOnly).


As far as I know, the only known "solution" for non-rooted devices whose cache and app data have already been wiped is to apply a factory reset. If you change your mind and decide to root your phone, I suggest you install Android SDK Tools Only on your computer, then root your phone, go to Android's Settings, then Developer Options, then activate USB ...

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