What is "internal storage"?

Internal storage generally refers to the storage space on your device that can be used for installing applications and their associated data.

Most devices will additionally have some kind of "external" storage that can be accessed by the user when the devices is connected to a PC via a USB cable. Note, however, that the "external" storage space is not necessarily a physically separate device, but simply refers to the storage space that the user can access for music, pictures, downloads, etc.

Related tags

  • : the so-called "internal sdcard" is not really a SDCard, but an extended internal storage. On recent devices, it often shares the same space as "internal storage", just specified by a /sdcard directory instead of a separate block device
  • : the physical microSD you can insert into the specific slot, if your device features such
  • : for issues generic to the two above
  • : the most generic storage tag. See its tag-wiki for further storage-related details and hints

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