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I am having the same problem. Though in my case, in the "Data usage" I can see that there is actually some traffic (even though I have mobile data off). What I am going to test now is to set "Restrict background data" for each application that appears to have clandestinely passed data.


I had the same problem with various newer Samsung mobile devices. I restarted my device, went to settings after booting back up, turned off my wireless on the device, then turned it back on. Was able to connect after keying in the security password. Don't know if this helps. I monkeyed around with this for about an hour. before I got it to work.


While the setprop method to change DNS does not work, the getprop method to read those values should be still valid today: shell@A0001:/ $ getprop | grep dns [dhcp.wlan0.dns1]: [] [dhcp.wlan0.dns2]: [] [dhcp.wlan0.dns3]: [] [dhcp.wlan0.dns4]: [] [net.change]: [net.rmnet0.dns2] [net.dns1]: [] [net.dns2]: [] ...


tasker should be capable of that. It can execute HTTP_GET commands, and it can also deal with data connections; but for the latter, depending on the Android version you're running on your device, you might need root access to toggle data connection. Tasker uses (combinations of) "conditions" (also called "context") to trigger "tasks" – which both together ...


If you are interested in installing a third party app, then there is one that might do your job, the app name is NoRoot Firewall and this might also help Mobiwol: NoRoot Firewall


Stop using WhatsApp is the best solution you get. In the worst case you could stop getting notifications here Settings>Apps>WhatsApp>Stop notifications but you can not stop getting messages when the app is open. A free suggestion would be - use separate Instant Messaging services (IMs) for each one because we've got so many of them like Telegram, ...


Run "nslookup google.com" from Terminal Emulator and the first result should be your DNS. Also you could run a standard test from dnsleaktest.com from your browser.


I think the best solution you can take is to disable the 3g connection (data traffic) option in Android because its state remains the same as when was turned off. There's a thing in Android called shared preferences for each application installed. Settings is also an app and the saves there its actual state, parameters and configurations. So, when the ...

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