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In case people are still finding this: it's quite easy to simulate slow speeds on a real device if you have a Mac and an ethernet connection. The trick is to use two Mac features: Wifi sharing to route your device traffic through a hotspot created on your computer. (The Mac needs to be connected via ethernet or thunderbolt to do this). Network Link ...


I finally found that proxy was set to some ip in APN setting. I removed proxy and saved APN setting. And Internet is working fine now.


In respect to your first question try changing your CPU governor with No-frills CPU Control app. Change it to performance for higher performance. Just be careful as you could cause harm to your phone if you play around too much.


Force stopping an app in Android stops it from doing anything, even using the internet, unless you open up the app again. This mainly solves my problem most of the time. Or else restricting background data prevents all the apps from using the internet in the background, aside from some stock Android apps.


You normally can login in your browser i.e: (or any local address) and put your credentials, user and password. If are valid, your mobile its accepted to use the network for all apps, until you disconnect. Otherwise you can set a proxy for some apps, as social apps or browsers.

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