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You can give this a try: 1.If you are in windows machine download My public wifi and install 2.Set desired network name(SSID) and Network key i.e password. Let Enable Internet sharing check box be checked in, and select the appropriate network connection from which you are accessing internet in your PC or laptop. 3.Press “Set up and Start Hotspot“, this ...


on your phone. You can install firefox if you not already have it. Then open firefox and install this extension named https everywhere. it forces every site to load in https if it has https capability. It includes youtube in its list, so it may solve your problem for using youtube in https mode on your android.


Maybe your smartphone does not support Chrome browser. By the way, you can do the thing suggested by @Dan Hulme with almost every "custom" browser on the Play Store. Opera is a good choice (you must consider the lightest one) but Firefox, expecially in the last updates, is another good choice. If I remember well, the stock andoird browsers has this option ...


In Chrome for Android, you select "Request desktop site" from the menu in the browser. I don't know if your phone ships with Chrome as the default browser or something LG have cooked up, so the option might be named differently, but there should be an equivalent. Most sites will respect this, but you might find that if a site is redirecting you to push you ...


GOOGLE GOGGLE app can Help to upload a image Google Search By Image APP Open Google image in your Default or Chrome browser 1st Method type filetype:gif [your query] or inurl:gif [your query] then Tap Search result will be in .gif format 2nd Method Open Google image in your Default or Chrome browser then Tap More > Type > choose Animated


You can also download the app "wifi key recovery" which is a lot easier.


Android sends a request to http://clients3.google.com/generate_204, and it expects a 204 response (the HTTP code for "no content").


It is saved in /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf file. You can open it with any text editor. If you have Terminal Emulator you can also do this: cat /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf


The best answer is that you can't. Apps act on their programming and unless you plan to modify significant parts of Android, what you want is not easily done (if at all).

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