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You won't find a good "iTunes for Android" for your desktop computer, because Android was designed from the start to eliminate that dependency on a desktop computer. An iPhone uses a protocol that only iTunes understands, so iTunes is the only way to get music and photos onto it (Originally, you had to install apps through iTunes too: there was no App Store ...


Tunesviewer is an application for Linux or Android that "[allows] access iTunes-University media and podcasts." (From Tunesviewer main page). You may want to check it out. There is an APK installer to run on Android devices. It's also available from F-Droid.


In recent years, Apple has sold songs on iTunes without DRM. You can convert them to other formats pretty easily, then just drop it onto your Moto X using a USB cable (Or even just email it to yourself, then download it using your email app on the phone). Music stored on the phone should automatically be added to your "On Device" library in the Play Music ...

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