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Unless Marshmallow has some unnecessary native changes, you should be able to see the kernel version in many Android releases from Settings → About phone. (Click image to enlarge) A command line way other than uname -a can be: cat /proc/version Output in my case is: Linux version 3.4.107~AK.236.OPO.CM12.1 (ak@kernel) (gcc version 4.9.3 ...


Do one thing, download an app called "terminal emulator" and open that terminal and write this command: $ uname --all It will show you your kernel version, and its name and other details.


Kernel yes, shell don't know of there is any way. By the way shell is the command line interface of android that you can access by rooting, and using busy box or adb. You can't change that as it is architecture based. Just like you can't change cmd on windows to use Mac commands. But if you are taking about firmware, then yes, ROM yes, recovery yes, boot ...

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