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@vishalaestro Android doesn't work like that, many if not most "drivers" are closed source proprietary binaries and shared libraries, as well as some firmware files in kernel sources. You can't flip drivers on Android devices like you can in Windows as those "drivers" are tightly built into the Android system, tied to numerous sevices and many standard ...


sadly if it was an application like on the PC there would be billions of pirated versions and you would have to bother to search through all of them to find the official one. If there is an update for your phone it will appear as a notification and it will inform you that it is available.


BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System. It is the computer system that does the very basic set up of computerized system. Some BIOS's can be altered by the user and some can not. Take an HP computer vs. a custom built machine with Asus motherboard for example. In regards to a smart phone, there is a "BIOS" however you can not change it or update it, etc. ...


On Nexus devices, at least: CF Auto-Root works by unlocking the device's boot loader via fastboot (if it isn't already unlocked), then sending the device a custom boot image (kernel and ramdisk) that it should run instead of booting from the built-in system or recovery partition. It's analogous to booting your PC from a CD or USB drive instead of from the ...

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