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Yes it is safe to uninstall AOSP keyboard. I kinda feel uncomfortable writing a one lined answer... So I'll explain things a bit more in detail. Basically, you can remove any app from android system as far as its not used by critical system functions. I dont not know of any specific up to date list that contains all apps that can be removed. But consider ...


I don't have access to a Galaxy S5, but one possibility is that you have somehow disabled the voice input method, typically Google voice typing is provided as the default. Try going to Settings > Language & input, and check whether the Google voice typing input method is disabled and if it is, enable it and try again.


Confirmed to work on Android 5.1.1 with 8pen 2.6.1 and 2.7 Since mid-2014 8pen (only accessible from your purchases in Google Play) language packs no longer install for the keyboard since the servers are no longer operating. Luckily, one of my roomates hasn't updated his phone since he downloaded the English dictionary. Tonight using Android File Manager I ...


Follow these steps: Slide down the quick settings menu. Select Settings (gear icon) then choose User Profile & tap Predefined Profiles. There you will see keyboard sign, tap on the icon. A general page will display. In there you you will get dial-pad, touch, dialog box (uncheck this) & vibrate on touch (uncheck this too). Tap the "Back" key on the ...

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