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The option is gone. It used to be that it just wouldn't show up for those words which were already in your personal dictionary. Now it doesn't appear for any word whatsoever. It was probably a recent update to the Google Keyboard app which broke this functionality. The Google Keyboard app updates for everyone so it wouldn't matter that my Nexus 5 is running ...


The goal may seem to be switching the keyboard app when the password is to be entered, but the real issue is to protect the password from being logged by third-party keyboard apps, or at least be restricted from being uploaded somewhere. In that case, I suggest using a firewall so that you can restrict any app from connecting to Internet, let alone it can ...


Since this behavior appear only in the c4droid app ,it isn't a system problem but a problem with the c4droid app ,I suggest you send a feed back to the app's dev ,the implementation of supporting physical keyboards is in the app it self ,or may be there is an option in the app's settings to remap or choose keys behavior. Email address of the dev: ...


While this isnt for your device. It might work out for ya. Take a look at this post on XDA. It talks about remapping keys on the Droid 4, which also has a physical keyboard. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1517260

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