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It works, among other shortcuts, on my Galaxy s4 with a bluetooth external keyboard (iWerkz) I guess that's due to the underlying Linux layer of Android that provides some basic functionalities, like when you plug in an old a USB keyboard in usb host mode and it just works.


I just worked out how to do this. If you open a text in messaging, then type the word that autocompletes, long hold, as Gil noted, and then select delete, it will then remove all instances in other software. This also means you don't have to clear all your other, correct, auto-completes. I'm using 4.4 on a s4


plug your keyboard in, later go to Setting, select the Language & Input settings and under the Keyboards and Input Methods menu, your usb keyboard had been listed. Select and change the language. If not listed, this means you have problem with your android. I could changed that way.


Solution: install proper version of "Google Aplication". CM 10.1.3 needs GApps 20130812. Read: http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Gapps for more info.


Check your contacts. Keyboard will search and suggest contact names.


This is a strange solution but it seemed to work (tested on Android 4.4): go to System Settings scroll to Accounts section click Google under Privacy section, click Search under Search & Now Cards section, click Accounts & privacy scroll all the way to the bottom and click Search engine storage click Clear now Try typing one of the words you ...


You can install an alternate keyboard to gain this functionality. I put Hackers Keyboard (free in Play Store) on my Nexus 10 and have it configured with arrow keys. Ctrl-C/X/V also work (for cut & paste shortcuts).


All that depends on your device, which must support this as well. Android itself does support this since 3.1-honeycomb – and I e.g. successfully use an external keyboard with my tablets, which is just plugged into the USB port. The keyword to look for is usb-on-the-go. We already have more than 60 posts on this topic, which you might wish to check (or start ...


To answer your first question, yes. May I recommend ParanoidAndroid GApps for a reliable source of current GApps. To your second question: make sure you do a wipe BEFORE you install your system rom and gapps. Sidenote, its quite possible there are outstanding bugs in your rom. For this reason I highly recommend following guides on Xda Developers

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