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Short answer I could not find a Tab key native within the Google Keyboard on Android Phone. I suggest two workarounds Your question relates to Google Keep, but these could be applied to other apps. 1] Open Google Keep on your PC. Pressing the Tab key is not helpful. However, the ASCII HT code can be entered using Alt+09. Resume work on your Android phone ...


Try Keyboard for Excel, by Microsoft, in the Google Play store. Has tab, and the proper orientation for data entry on the numeric keypad, among other things... Find it here:


There is no way to disable autocorrect on the default HTC keyboard. I had this problem too and tried a few keyboards just to be disappointed with most of them like you. I settled on the the Google Keyboard as it has all the functionality of the HTC one, including typing suggestions and emojis (and I like its design). The emoji issue may be fixable with this ...


There are two "layers" in the hardware keypress -> character to insert in textbox. The layer after key layout files is Key Character Map Files. They take the key (such as "A") and dictate what should result from various combinations of keys. For example: key A { label: "A" # What to 'name' the key base: "a" # pressing this key with no modifiers shift, ...

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