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Android does not by default come with Turkmen support (the closest is Turkish). It would be possible for a ROM developer to add such support along with a keyboard that supported it (such as MultiLing). Language Enabler claims to be able to enable Turkmen on rooted Samsung devices running the stock Touchwiz firmware.


If you (mean that you) want to set your android phone in Turkish, you just have to Google for an instruction like these: http://m.wikihow.com/Change-the-Language-in-Android and follow the steps.


It's a confirmed bug related to RtL (Right-to-Left) feature on Lollipop. The bug is to start the easter egg hidden in Google Lollipop, Flappy Droid or Lollipop Land depending on how you want to call, quit the game after a few seconds, enter "Developer options", check the "Force RTL layout direction", and then return to the easter egg. (slight ...


Try disable all accessibility services. It's a security measure to prevent malicious apps from changing keyboard without user interaction, since an accessibility services can automate the process without the user knowing.


Follow exactly the same steps as shown. (Note: the text is in Japanese, but you could follow the icons and position of the menu)


you can also try go to MENU < SETTINGS < LOCALE AND TEXT < SELECT LOCALE and choose your language. For more details you check in support option of Samsung India site.


What you have to do is pair your external keyboard then Go to Settings -> Language & Input -> Physical Keyboard Then tap on your keyboard and a dialog for choosing the keyboard layout should appear. Choose the layouts you want (note that you have to select two or more to be able to switch) and then press back. Near the bottom of the dialog a label ...

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