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Go to your app drawer, long tap on Crome icon then you'll be able to place it on home screen.


Changing the default launcher in Android N Go into the Settings app. Go to Apps Press the settings gear in the top-right (not the triple-dot). Scroll down to "Home app." By going into the home app section, you'll be able to change your default launcher. Alternatively, you can just search inside the settings app for "Home." source:


As far as I can see, it is not possible. So I need to use en external app for this. I found KISS launcher and Hayai Launcher which both do a great job.


OPTION A Pinch to zoom out on home screen. Tap on rectangle with PLUS sign. (Located furthest to right). Add as many as need. (There is a limit of 10 - S6 Edge+). OPTION B Long press on blank area of home screen. Follow steps 2 & 3 from Option A. OPTION C Access launcher settings. Swipe left to access the home screen page. Follow steps 2 & ...

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