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Launcher is an app which gives interface between user and other apps.We can delete default launcher by root access.If default launcher is deleted (Assuming no other launcher is installed on phone), then OS will work but we can't access any other apps from phone and it is looks like crashed phone. So when you reboot without a launcher it will not go to any ...


Some apps only work in portrait mode due to the fact that that is the way they are designed. Also most launchers (on a phone) are automatically in fixed portrait mode as well. If you don't have a gravity sensor then I suggest using an app like Unlimited Rotation Control which puts rotation buttons on your device. For landscape mode on my phone I installed ...


It works perfect if you follow the directions. Simply put, touch the google icon, once it pops up push the hamburger menu, find settings, scroll all the way down, last item on the list "allow rotation" tick it, now landscape mode is working, I know it's working on lollipop, marshmellow, and Android. N. strange place to place this setting, but what the ...


Instead of a factory reset and install everything again, you can download a home launcher from appstore! Set your new home launcher as default then uninstall quick mode(sucks bigtime)... I like my phones new look, i even got rid of the left page on the homescreen. :-)

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