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Based on reddit (and I have tested it myself), apparently it's a feature of Nova Launcher on Android 6.0 Marshmallow called "Dark icons". It seems it's enabled by default for existing users after updating the app (on my case, new installation will have to turn this setting on manually). The setting can be checked on Nova Settings - Look & feel - Dark ...


Based on @Andrew T.'s research, I understood that this isn't actually an issue with the system, rather it was a feature, "Dark Icons", that Nova Launcher only shows on and enables by default on Marshmallow, not on KitKat or lower (unsure about Lollipop). The option on Marshmallow devices exists under Nova Settings → Look and Feel → Dark Icons (a ...


Assuming the device is still configured with your Google account, some network (WiFi or mobile data) is enabled by default, and you can turn it on (though not being brought to the homescreen as it doesn't exist): turn on the device and let it boot up on another device (e.g. your PC), point your browser to the Google Play Store, and log in with your Google ...


In case this problem of home launcher infinite loop, happens on an Android TV, try to to go to setting and then uninstal the app. To open Android Setting - connect a usb keybord, and press F3.

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