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I found the answer on YouTube somewhere. You should go to Settings ยป Manage apps, then at the bottom tap Default app settings. In there is an option Launcher. Done!


It seems there's a bug in ColorOS. Updating to latest beta (2.1.4i) solved it.


Moto X (2014) by default uses Google Now Launcher as the default launcher. The Google quicksearchbox was recently updated to give a peek into upcoming Android 6.0 Marshmallow app drawer layout which has vertical scrolling for apps and widgets. So Uninstalling the updates for app named Google with package-name com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox ...


Perhaps not all, but you can get a pretty good idea using: dumpsys activity broadcasts |grep -iE ".+\.[0-9A-Z_\-]+:$" |sort The grep expression makes sure to only catch lines ending in the intent like format of ...blahblah.SOME_INTENT:. I then use sort to get it more readable. It may not catch all, but it's a good start. ...


Sorry for the delay. You can still change the icon of a shortcut but the procedure changed with SL3. Long press on a bubble, then select "Edit Icon".

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