The LG Optimus 2X, also known as Optimus Speed or P990, was the world's first smartphone with a dual-core processor. Running Android 2.3, the device became available in 2011. The latest officially supported Android version is ICS.

LG Optimus 2X
LG Optimus 2X (source: Wikipedia)

Basic specifications

  • CPU/GPU: Nvidia Tegra 2 Series (Soc Ventana)
  • RAM: 512 MB (with 128 MB of it dedicated to the GPU)
  • internal storage: 8 GB (available to user: 6.4 GB)
  • removable: microSD up to 32 GB
  • display: 4" 480×800 px WVGA TFT LCD
  • rear camera: 8 MPx
  • front camera: 1.3 MPx

Full device specifications can be found at GSMArena.

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