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This may help: 1.Firstly start the emulator 2.Then go to the DDMS please select the emulator 3.Then left side we have button Screen Capture click this button 4.Screen Shot taken own App.


ES File Explorer has this feature. On the side Navigation bar you have the options that includes Favorites, Local, Library, and Networks. Expand the Network tab and click LAN. You'll see your LAN resources the same way you see them in Windows. Click on the computer/share you want to browse. You'll have the option to see the items as icons or detailed ...


If you install Pelya’s XSDL Server from Google Play, you can use X11 aplications. In GNURoot type: apt-get install xfce4 It will install the XFCE4 Desktop Environment and Xorg with some utilities. And after several minutes of packages downloading and making configurations, start XSDL and set your favorite display resolution and zoom, and then type in ...


The app Terminal IDE has a built-in GCC ARM compiler for Android. You can install it, move it to another folder and then uninstall it. But make sure you have enough free memory.

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