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i guess what you are trying to say is that you want the screen to stay for a longer period of time after getting locked. If that's the query then it has a very simple answer. Simply go to settings>display. Now there you must see something like 'Screen timeout'. Just tap on that and choose the time you want to keep the screen awake. Now it'll also keep the ...


StackOverflow is the right place for this question. Emphasise that you're looking for a way to add this functionality to your own app. Also, looking at open source Android music players such as CM's Apollo might be a good place to start.


You can pull the apk from the android device using adb pull. adb shell pm list packages This will list the package name for all the apks. See the package name of your app. The app name may vary from the package name. It will be mostly in /data/app If not get the path using adb shell pm path com.the app you need to.transfer 2 a.adb pull ...

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