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I tested this on a Nexus 5 (v5.0.1) running UK English. I locked the device with Device Manager then, without unlocking it, I used Device Manager to lock it a second time. I then used the second password to unlock the device. So, you should be able to change the lock password using Device Manager - it seems that only the last lock password is required to ...


But I have found Solution for this. I have a check box in Display - Lock Screen notification (a check box). It fixed my problem.


Unlock the screen. On the bottom left there should be a symbol with three horizontal lines.Touch that. Go to Lock Screen.Tap Shortcuts. The four options should appear. Touch which app you want to remove, the list of apps will come up, scroll until you find the app you want to use and tap on it. Do the same for other apps to remove and add. When finished ...


You could type in "adb shell input keyevent 26" which in turn will lock your screen For this you need the usb debugging enabled on your phone and adb should be installed in your machine A complete adb installer in 15 seconds for windows can be found here Reference :http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2588979 And for Linux Machine there is a ...

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