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I've been using a recurring action with an app named macrodroid(kinda like tasker) to delete everything in that directory every few minutes or so while screen on and every hour while screen off. It seems to be more efficient than denying write permission to that folder (errors) I know this thread is old but thought I'd share since I'm not really cool with ...


disable fluency service. but all predictions and corrections are lost.


Are you using a custom rom ? I have the same problem, here is how I solved it partially: Download this: Put this file to root/system/bin an rename it to logd. Attribut -rwxr-xr-x (755) an reboot your Phone. After that logging works. This file has been deleted because it consumes a lot of ...


The D/ entries show the log level is set to "DEBUG" – which of course generates quite a lot of logging, and shouldn't be necessary for "production use" (though it's quite helpful if you want to debug some misbehavior). For normal use, log level "INFO" should be sufficient. As the default log level usually is defined in the init script, there's not much a "...

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