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As soon as the new "owner" factory-resets the device, it no longer has a Google account associated – and thus the link to ADM dies. Same if the account is removed from the device: Google services no longer have a way to query the device using your account information, as the device won't recognize those anymore. There are also other possibilities: battery ...


I think the XtraSEC Phone Locator is the app from Play Store is what you are looking for. As in the description on the PlayStore link, ✔ Remotely turn on WiFi or 3G data using SMS ✔ Remotely turn on/off Mobile data(3G) Remotely turn on/off Mobile data 3G by sending an SMS to your phone using XtraSEC command. ✔ Remotely turn on/off WiFi ...


Yes, there is a way to recover both if your Android phone was synced to your Google account. All you have to do is just sign-in on a new Android phone and all of your data should be redownloaded. In order to see if your photos were backed up, just go to Google Photos and you can view your photos there.


The Android Device Manager will probably still work, provided the new ROM contains the GApps. But it won't listen to you any longer. If, as you describe in your question, the "new holder" is from the tech field, and did a thorough wipe plus installs a new ROM, nothing from your installation survives. It simply can't, with really all storage ...


When the playstore is logged in from a new account,your previous account will notify that the device is removed from the playstore device list. so it will not show your old phone.

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