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On samsung devices overwrite to the EFS partition or write on byte to the nv_data files it contains. Bam imei gone. You may also change device Bluetooth Mac bam second radio unusable wifi ... Not so sure, though. On the plus side only you have the chance to restore the original imei if your device should return. That is if you have a backup. It's extremely ...


Yes you can if a) the phone is on b) wifi is on c) location is turned on (through settings) As an experiment (using Android Device Manager through Google Dashboard) I tracked my phone with SIM card (cell towers) and with the card removed (WiFi). The wifi results were much more accurate.


If it's turned off, you most certainly can not turn it on remotely, do there's no helping you. If it's turned on, you could try activating an alarm from Google device manager, if you didn't deactivate it earlier. Go to Google device manager and click "alarm"; the sound may help you find your phone. The GPS data indoors is very inaccurate so it is of no use; ...

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