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Hint, Google repository. Ah here you go a better example from the past Find your Sdk folder then locate both tools and platform-tools subfolders. Check the Google repository find what version you want to downgrade to and download the .ZIP for both. Unpack the the .ZIP's you just downloaded move the Tools subfolder over to your Android Sdk folder. Then ...


Oops, that was my mistake. As for KitKat, system.img has ext4 filesystem. To mount it on OS X, use the following tool: https://github.com/gerard/ext4fuse


Connect your Nexus 7 to Mac via USB cable. Now go to Settings -> Developer options and turn On the USB debugging. If you don't see Developer Options under Settings then, go to Settings -> About Tablet and tap on the Build Number multiple times (7 times) to enable the Developer Options.


From this SO post, Open terminal and run the following command: ~/Library/BlueStacks\ App\ Player/Runtime/uHD-Adb install PATH_AND_APK_FILENAME Other Method: This one is not a solution, but a quick workaround is to have the apk in any cloud storage like Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive etc and download it in your bluestack's Dropbox app and install it. As ...


If you can't root your phone because your on Mac OS X, try running a virtual machine that is running windows and root your phone from there. (I Personally don't have a Mac so am not 100% sure this will work, this is only a suggestion)


I was looking to accomplish the same thing - mounting some part of my S4's filesystem on my Mac - and was looking at the range of SMB servers available for Android. The one I've been using that checks off the most "just works" boxes is SAMBADroid, which runs an SMB server on my local LAN over WiFi. The free version shares the external SD card by default, ...

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