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What worked for me is in this answer. Are there any Android phones that allow Bluetooth PAN off the shelf? Having enabled internet sharing via bluetooth on the Mac, which doesn't need command line on recent versions at least, pair the devices and then go to bluetooth settings on the Android device, select the Mac, tap the settings gear and enable it for ...


Another limitation with apple systems. Just install windows via bootcamp or parallels. Connect and go. Will save you time and effort.


You can try these solutions introduced in this article to unlock your phone screen by remotely control your phone on PC with the mouse and enable the debugging mode on the device: After you enabled the debugging mode, you may try a software to get your data like contacts, SMS, photos, videos, ...


The library folder is usually hidden on a mac. Do this. Open Finder. Click Go. Hold the option key and library folder will appear. After that navigate to the android folder>SDK> and you will find platform-tools there. If that didn't help, you can find some more in-depth instructions here.


The app you are trying to run has a larger minimum SDK requirement than what is provided by the device you are trying to run on (22 vs. 23). Check out the changes you need to make in your manifest file in this article - specifically the part with: <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="integer" android:targetSdkVersion="integer" android:...

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