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Yes. Question 1: Does the factory reset uninstall those spy apps? Answer 1: It will be better if you uninstall from Application Manager after unhide the application from Device Manager. Question 2: Is there any way to see these kind of hidden apps? Answer 2: Yes. We can see these types of apps Settings :> Security :> ...


Look for "ExpandPointWall" and a fake "Settings" app and uninstall them.


Ok, it seems I've found a solution. Disconnect internet; Go to Settings -> Applications. Clear every data (cache, history, modules, cookies) from Settings -> Applications -> Browser (Mozilla, stock browsers, Chrome) Open each browser and access the settings (in the top right) and delete upgrades, cache, modules, autocompletes, etc Close all ...


You need to have a rooted phone. Using any root explorer, simply delete kinguser.apk app from /system/app.

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