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Not a virus, but a simply advertising popup which leads at website to avoid. Block the url from your browser!


What you are seeing looks like a javascript alert. As long as you don't believe the lies some websites will be feeding you, the only danger a javascript alert introduces is the possibility that a site may keep opening so many javascript alerts, that you won't be able to leave the site before another alert pops up. But a decent browser can stop that for you. ...


No, it's not a virus. The notification is triggered by advertisements on the webpage. Just don't click "OK" and ignore it.


It seems to be an App which opens that dialog (over a webpage...). Try to boot into safe mode: Press and hold the power button until the power menu appears. Hold down 'Reboot'. (On phones which do not have the option to reboot press and hold 'Power off') Then your phone will reboot into safe mode. That means all your apps are deactivated for this ...

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