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Ok, it seems I've found a solution. Disconnect internet; Go to Settings -> Applications. Clear every data (cache, history, modules, cookies) from Settings -> Applications -> Browser (Mozilla, stock browsers, Chrome) Open each browser and access the settings (in the top right) and delete upgrades, cache, modules, autocompletes, etc Close all ...


You need to have a rooted phone. Using any root explorer, simply delete kinguser.apk app from /system/app.


Looks like a spammy app. Check the ones you've installed last before this trouble started: From your home screen, go to the Android Settings › Apps scroll the list to find above mentioned apps. For each app: open its entry scroll down to the end of the page opening, where you should find the permissions listed (which the app has requested) check if the ...


To uninstall specific app like "iKeyMonitor Android Spy App", you can follow its FAQ. For general guide about how to uninstall other spy apps, there are 2 methods you can try: Go to Android Settings - Application Manager, find the app you want to uninstall. The name may be masked. You should know what's the real name before trying to uninstall it. Factory ...

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