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Switch to safe mode. Safe mode can be activated by pressing and holding volume down button during boot up process. And then you can easily uninstall the app


Make sure you have uninstalled mobo genine market. Go to App, and swipe until you see "All" you will see 2 Downloads icon there. The Downloads with no size is the legit one. Keep it, if you long press and select App info you will see that it's something related to your firmware. The 2nd Downloads icon is the culprit, with a version of 2.02xx. Long press ...


According to the official Twitter feed, their website is having problems right now. Try it again later. MightyText is a reputable piece of software, so while we can't say for sure what they're doing with your information (like any other closed-source software), you shouldn't assume it's malware just because it's not working as it should. See also this Venn ...

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