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You can use VLC Player on Android for such files. It supports AC3 codec and .mkv files too.


Just download the previous version of MX player 1.7.32 as Apk file. Here's the link http://www.androiddrawer.com/22713/download-mx-player-app-apk/ and install and don't upgrade to the latest version by changing the setting of Google play not to update automatically.


Open mxplayer, and go to the settings-decoder. On the bottom you will see "download user codec" and recomendation "download neon arm7". Then, just follow the instructions.


You can use the Codecs for the previous version. Go into MX Player - Help - FAQs. This links you through to their website. Look down the list and find question regarding Codecs. Follow links through to Custom Codecs and this takes you to XDA Developers where the Codecs and installation instructions can be found. Its very simple from this point.

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