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You may have found this answer or another one by now but a simple way to achieve this (as long as you don't want to use the shuffle function) is to manually create a playlist and add each song multiple times. Example (.m3u playlist in same directory as music): #EXTM3U a.mp3 a.mp3 a.mp3 a.mp3 b.mp3 b.mp3 b.mp3 b.mp3 c.mp3 c.mp3 c.mp3 c.mp3


I have an HTC Desire which had the same problem. A simple reboot did not solve the problem but when I shut it down, removed the battery, reinserted the battery after waiting about 10 minutes and then restarting the phone the problem was corrected. My problem affected gallery and all the browsers. I presume they all use the same engine for displaying video.

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