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I would try using a bluetooth headset. The reason is this: if your microphone is damaged, the bluetooth headset should work just fine. If there is an input volume setting gone wrong, using a bluetooth headset will not fix the problem. This tells you if you want to look at replacing your phone or do you want to look for a setting to boost the microphone ...


As well as noise cancelling, some phones also use the two mics to record sound files and videos in stereo.


The second microphone is used for noise cancelling. The phone uses it to listen to the external environment (not including your voice), so that it can filter that out from the sounds it hears using the main microphone. That way, it can reduce the amount of noise that comes with your voice, and make your call more audible to the other party.


You can use Skyro voice recorder which does both voice recording and has ablity attach pictures to recordings. Now you can create nice lectures with audio and images synced.


On my Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III with a Android 4.1.2, I use Camera Zoom FX (non-free): it can take pictures without stopping recordings done by Android's native voice recorder (unlike the native camera application).

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