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Tasker is a pretty awesome app that basically lets you write little apps/functionality, yourself. A simple solution, using Tasker, is as follows: Create a new tasked called 'MissedCall' For the '1st context' choose State>Missed Call. Click OK Click Done Task selection, choose New Task Name it 'GetRidOfMissedCalls'. OK Click Add, choose Phone > Call Log. ...


I suspect this is very much device dependent, but on the HTC Desire HD, you can press the physical volume down button to silence the ringtone whilst allowing the call to continue.


The HTC Desire allows you to flip the phone face down to silence that call. If that doesn't work with the Samsung then you can probably use Tasker to arrive at a similar result (put the phone into silent mode when it's face down).


For Samsung Galaxy S, the way is to hold the volume down button. If you just press, nothing happens (or maybe you have to press it several times before it completely stops ringing, I don't know, but holding it makes it stop immediately)


I had the same issue. You will have to change your phone notification settings. Go to "settings," then "call", then "phone settings" under "other call settings." Scroll all the way to the bottom of the call setting screen and select "phone notification preview" (To show caller ID for missed calls and voicemails on locked screen and status bar). Most ...


Your network provider may provide a "Last Number Redial/Called" or "Call Alert" service. This is usually a number that you call that will tell you the phone number of the last incoming call to your phone, or can often be implemented as a service that you can turn on and off (again, usually by calling a number or issuing a USSD code) which will inform you in ...


No need to factory reset. Just go to Settings → Call. Scroll down to the bottom and enable Show caller ID for missed calls on lock screen and status bar.


Go to Settings -> Call settings -> Additional settings and find Call Waiting option (its may be in different address in android 2.3). Enable Call Waiting it if is not already. If it was already enabled, but you never here beeps or receive notifications when another call happens, I think you should check with or consult your operator.


One option to automatically send an SMS on every missed call is an APP available from the Google Play Store: Missed Call Auto SMS (No ADs) Missing phone calls? Unable to attend your phone always? Here's a solution: Send an auto SMS, instantly. Benefits: ★ No Ads ★ Small app size. ★ FREE for life. How to setup: Install the ...


Here is the google play link for Google Voice, if that's what you have been looking for. Total offline answering machine functionality is not possible due to androids technical barriers. See this thread on XDA. You can use apps like YouMail Visual Voicemail which sounds promising. If not, you can easily find many alternatives after a quick search on google ...


I've been looking for the answer to this question since I read it a year ago. I searched several times and I always find the same question in many forums, but no answers. The only certainty is that it is not a bug of Android as such because it only happens for users of the HTC brand, but I've never found anything productive that comes out of HTC staff in ...


Are you sure that the problem comes from the handset? Sometimes, it's only the time required to be paired with the closest BTS (or nodeB in 3G), and you can't do anything but require explicitly the network by placing a call. The most common way to do this is to call your answer machine, which is free and always instructive :)

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