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Android doesn't have native support for vCards and it's annoying. Fortunately, since they come through as SMS/MMS messages they aren't only in Hangouts, any SMS/MMS-handling app you install can read the messages so long as you haven't deleted them. You can install bizcardmanager (it's $1.50 but there's a free version too) and it will show a list of vCards ...


In all likelihood, MMS is just the standard for a group message due to the slightly larger overhead even though you are sending only text. It technically has to send that text times the number of recipients and even though that is still considerably less information than a picture, I would guess it's yet another dick move by big telecom to rake in more ...


lack of badge notifications. the little 1 in a circle that indicates you have one message waiting. I know there are other third party apps that let you do this.. but now you have 2 third party apps and besides.. i have a Samsung Note 2 and the third party notificaion badge apps do not work with touchwiz

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