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It seems that that the card write speed is unable to keep pace with HD Video writes on the card. Try using a SD Card with a faster write speed. Also try to use use the same stock SD card in any other mobile with the same HD Video Recording (same bit rate, same resolution) to see if it works there properly. If it fails there too then surely it's a problem ...


Instead of symbolic link, you may use DropSync (Pro) which allows you to define the Dropbox (cloud) directory and also the file (local) directory in your device.


I transferred the CM9 files with Dropbox and flashed. The issue didn't persist after flashing.


According to this forum post, the SD card is not fully encrypted. Rather, after you enable encryption any new data is encrypted. So for example, if you take a picture, then enable encryption, then take another picture, the first picture will be unencrypted but the second will be encrypted (assuming your pictures are saved to the SD card). If you pull out ...

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