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This is a well discussed and easy to fix bug... Disconnect USB cable, go to Settings, Apps, and Show System Apps and find External Storage and Media Storage and clear data and cache on each one and reboot, then give it 5 min after full boot up to rebuild media databases and connect to USB and select MTP. Should be good to go. EDIT: In some instances where ...


I just ran into this exact problem with a Moto G 2015. TWRP themselves warn not to install OTA updates with TWRP. Here's what I did: Install the Android SDK or download fastboot separately Get the build number for your phone From TWRP on your phone go to Mount and make sure System is selected Connect your phone to your computer and open build.prop with ...


After about 4 hours of installing drivers, wiping data & cache of apps, wiping cache partition, etc... I found the solution was just to change USB option from Charging to MTP then back to Charging and then again to MTP. sigh... I need to stop using android...


I had the same problem. making sure my cover was secure, I dropped the phone from 3 feet onto a carpeted surface directly on the "5:00" corner (lower right side corner). It unstuck the accelerometer and it's now working normally.

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