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Since you are rooted, there are two possibilities Use an app like PR Swap, which claims to "Swap Internal memory with SD card.So your SD card will become Internal memory". I have not tested it. I do not know which ROM you are using. If it is a custom ROM and and you are willing to experiment with switching kernels you could try Agni kernel. Kernel has many ...


That's not how internal storage works. Other than the /sdcard partition you see using your stock file manager, there are a lot of other partitions such as /system /data /recovery etc. All those partitions are also stored on your phone's internal storage. When you start your phone /boot loads your /system and makes Android run. Then it mounts /data which ...


I had the same problem. making sure my cover was secure, I dropped the phone from 3 feet onto a carpeted surface directly on the "5:00" corner (lower right side corner). It unstuck the accelerometer and it's now working normally.

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