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I'm not entirely sure if it matters in fast boot but to use Aden services normally you need to enable USB debugging in developer options, start the server, then in another terminal type adb usb. This listens to USB ports and checks for any open connections. Also, some phones don't like it but my nexus requires unmounting before I use adb. Hope this helps.


This is a well discussed and easy to fix bug... Disconnect USB cable, go to Settings, Apps, and Show System Apps and find External Storage and Media Storage and clear data and cache on each one and reboot, then give it 5 min after full boot up to rebuild media databases and connect to USB and select MTP. Should be good to go.


Either steer clear of Amoled, or at 40% brightness use a screen filter app like Twilight to further reduce brightness without flickering. Contrast and colours may suffer though.

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