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Not sure about contacts, but if you are running the latest Android Wear (Android Wear 1.1.1929530/Android OS 5.1.1) the first three apps in your list should be the most recent ones. I'm not aware of any system level customization beyond creating your own watch face or watch app.


According to the spec sheets, YES, a Moto X 2014 will work in China at 3G speeds. China provides access to their GSM network over the 2100MHz (HSPDA, or 3G) and 2500MHZ (LTE) spectrums, shown here. A Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen) purchased in the United States (from either Verizon or AT&T) covers that 2100MHz band for 3G, but doesn't touch the 2500MHz for ...


This is a manufacturing defect. I had the same issue with a Gen 1. If its still under warranty you can get it replaced

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