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Total Commander for android with LAN (Windows shares) works the best for me.. You can access the whole disk structure of your pc from the phone, copy move delete, if you just login via the phone.


1) Setup a new sync path with your new phone and your PC (USB Cable). 2) When that works: copy your old files to the new folder and re-sync.


Short response: NO! There aren't MTP protocol client for Windows that map to drive letter. But Total Commander has a plugin that works well: Windows Media Audio 2 (MP3) 1.2 I use it often with different devices and I'm satisfied.


You can simply use TeamViewer to connect your phone and your PC. This way you can access all the features of your phone on your PC. Then, use any FTP server to send and receive files. In this way, you do not need to switch between your phone and PC while sharing files.


Yeah you´re right. The problem is caused by the file system of the SD card. Probably you use FAT32 as file system of your SD card which is using the OEM character set (Read more). And the OEM set seems to not contain some characters you need as you found out. So you need a different file system on your SD card which is using UTF-8 character set (NTFS on ...

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