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There is another property which must be enabled: fw.show_multiuserui=1 to add the 'user' entry to system configuration ("Einstellungen") Source: How to Add Multi User Support To Samsung Galaxy Devices Running Lollipop! [MOD]


According to this post on StackOverflow the storage should be separated. Each user gets their own space on the emulated storage which other users cannot access to read or write (assuming the device is not rooted, in which case all of this goes out the window...). As far as installed apps are concerned, the fact that there are several installations of it on ...


I'm so lucky, I just tested it, and it worked! So, the USER_ID for the Primary User Account is 0. Using your favorite Root - Only File Manager, navigate to /data/system/users, delete the other User Accounts ... For example, the "unknown" USER_ID is 10, delete these files / folders: Folder named 10. 10.xml 10.xml.mbak And, edit the userlist.xml removing ...


I can think of two possible things: Hold the power button. Some phone has "Switch User" option on power menu. Hold the "Power Off" option and select "Reboot to safe mode". May be you can figure out something from safe mode.

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