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From what I can tell, the multiuser feature DOES drain quite a lot of battery. Here is a screenshot of my battery stats - I have not logged in as the other user since my last full charge. Click image for larger version


Some models don't support that feature and your phone is one of them.


The correct answer iss: There are only notifications for the active user and notifications for other users are disabled until the other users log in. This is valid for normal user accounts and the guest account. You only see the notifications of the urrently active profile. If you want to see the notifications of another profile, you have to switch to ...


Wow, after a year of searching I finally have my own answer. I don't know why, but my unit would never update from 4.2.2. Any time I tried checking for an update, I would just get a "failed" message. I found these instructions for manually updating to 4.4 (KitKat) and that worked as well as introduced the previously-missing Users menu!


Go to settings>Users>(user name)>Apps

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