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No. You can only do what you describe on Samsung devices with their "KNOX" feature. This uses special security hardware to provide separate, isolated environments on your phone, so there's no way that information can leak from the "business" environment to the "personal" environment. It's present on their high-end phones since the Galaxy S3, and you can ...


Go into the new profile and enter play store...hit the top left 'play store 'icon go to my apps.... scroll to the one you want ..hit it and it gives the option to install.. hope this helps... took me ages to work it out.. :-)


I use Helium on a non-rooted Nexus 7 (2013) to backup my app data (but not the apps). I have only one user account but since that app data is user-specific, is contained in my user area, and the backup is placed in my user area, I'd be surprised if Helium would have any trouble backing-up each account separately. I have not had occasion to restore a user's ...

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